Monday, February 8, 2010

Truth offends

There is something inherent in truth that calls us to self examination. That examination can be painful. We are not here to soft pedal things. Truth is our only aim. It is not that truth is unknowable or unfindable. Neither is it true that truth is malleable or fluid. The problem most of us encounter is that we look at the search for truth as only an exercise of the intellect. It is also an exercise of the will. To find truth we must, of course, exercise our brain power. Yet, what makes it elusive is that we shade it with our own experiences, prejudices, desires and hurts. Seeking bare truth, even unpleasant truth will-as the Savior said- "set us free". I am not trying to say that I don't have those same filters as anyone else. Together, let's take the blinders off. If we believe that truth Himself walked the earth and showed us the way (and I do), then we have only to find what He truly has to say to us.

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