Friday, June 24, 2011

The Catholic Defender: Rely upon His Mercy

"Jesus said, "Go and learn the meaning of the words, 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice. I did not come to call the righteous but sinners" Matthew (Matthew 9:13).

Something I could not helpbut think about on reflecting on these words, "I did not come to call the righteous but sinners", something just hit me. Jesus had healed a man born blind so that he could now see.

Jesus asked him, "Do you believe in the Son of Man? He answered and said, 'Who is he, sir, that I may believe in him? Jesus said to him, 'You have seen him and the one speaking with you is he'. He said, 'I do believe, Lord,' and he worshiped him" (John 9:35-36).

This is very important as Jesus continued, "I came into this world for judgment, so that those who do not see might see, and those who do see might become blind".

Jesus does call sinners to himself and offers us mercy. "Some of the Pharisees who were with him heard this and said to him, 'Surely we are not also blind, are we?' Jesus said to them, 'If you were blind, you would not have no sin; but now you are saying, 'We see', so your sin remains".

We strive to see, but we must see with our heart and not with our eyes.

We need to sharpen our eyes of faith so that we can truly see the Lord and follow him as did the Blind Man who was healed.

We definitely do not want to stay in the crowd of the Pharisees who claim to see and whose sin remains!

Get rid of them! Go to Confession so that you can be free of sin.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

*BEST OF DTB #93* The Catholic Defender: Risk Factors

For just about anything we do there are constant risk factors.

Whether we are talking business, safety, or health issues. They can certainly be job related.

Risk factors are a part of life to some degree or another.

In the case of a business, risk factors can be those issues that might cause a windfall on profits. Can cause you to lose money.

People take risks hoping that something will sell, or an idea will take off that will make their business prosper.

Health has many risk factors.

The Medical Dictionary states, a Risk Factor is "a characteristic statistically associated with, although not necessarily causally related to, an increased risk of morbidity or mortality, e.g., smoking as a risk factor for heart disease".

There are many health risks that have risk factors: Premarital sex can increase the risk of a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Abstanance is the only true protection against STD's.

Diet can impact health as well. Some things that might reduce risk factors in the area of health is to stay physically fit. To have a good work out program. Eat a well balanced diet, never smoke or quit if you do smoke.

In the Army, there are always risk factors that concerns safety that affects any Command when performing any mission. We always had to put together a "Risk Assessment" so that the risk could be reduced when conducting a mission. Marching Soldiers could have high risk factors such as marching across a road with on coming traffic. You reduce the risk by using "Road Guards" that takes a potentially high risk into a low risk classification.

By conducting and putting in place certain precautions, we can have a positive outcome in the management of health and safety in our lives.

In the area of business, our business management tools can help us become more successful in a very competing world.

With this in mind, I was thinking about identifying risk factors that affect our faith. Today, many people's faith are affected by many risk factors.

Hosea warns us that many are destroyed due to the lack of knowledge. So the lack of knowledge is a high risk factor.

How can this be reduced?

By taking the initiative to know your faith. Studying the Catechism, the bible, reading about the lives of the Saints, reading spiritual books and other publications that increase our understanding. To become better informed in our faith greatly reduces the problem with knowledge.

Catholic Answers, Defenders of the Catholic Faith (DCF) and deepertruth are just three examples of keeping oneself informed on the many topics of our faith.

Jesus warns that a person who is "lukewarm" will not make the grade either.

Apathy, laziness, indifference, compromise with the world, these things attack the very core of faith.

To counter these risk factors, you need to discipline yourself, to commit yourself to follow God's will.

Sin has many risk factors that leads people astray. St. Paul warns on many occasions that those who live in Mortal sin will not inherit the Kingdom God. Mortal sin leads people away from the Catholic Faith. Leads them away from God.

To reduce these risks factors we would need to avoid the near occasion of sin, to frequent the Sacraments such as Confession often. To be aware of the dangers of sin, and avoid sin.

To follow the teachings of the Catholic Faith is the only true way of surrending to God's will.

We respect other who may disagree with the Church, but we must be mindful of Christ and His Church.

There are many risk factors that we can identify that lead people astray.

As a CCD teacher for several years, I can tell you that it is noticeable to see children who are simply dropped off for CCD.

Yet at home very little leadership is done to lead these children to a closer understanding of their faith. Many of them abandon the faith later on and will demonstraight hatred towards it. I see this very often.

Many times I come in contact with them and by this time they are already entreanched in heresy.

If Mom and Dad are not being faithful to their marriage vows, it is very difficult on the children.

What is the solution?

How do we rectify this as a Church, a people, a nation?

Is their a risk assessment that can be applied to help in this area?

I cringe when people tell me that they don't go to Mass because they were "forced" to go growing up. Or that the Mass is boring, that is problematic especially because many people have to be fed energy. They have very little patience with contemplation.

The risk assessment here would be to teach children from an early age the importance of meditation and prayer, especially the Mass.

When children see Mom and Dad living their faith at home in a real way, that helps reduce some of the risk factors giving children a firm foundation.

It is important to note that sometimes, people will turn away from the faith regardless of Mom or Dad.

Peer pressure can be a huge risk factor, so can culture when it is pushing sin. It is important to develop some good "Risk Assessments" to counter this threat.

What might work for one family might not be what is needed for another family. It is important to know the threats and to rely on faith and prayer. Remember St. Monica, she used patience and commitment along with trust in the Lord.

Doctrinally, morally, spiritually, some will fall away. Can we diagnose and detect early warning signs that might help prevent a prodigal journey?

Can truth be hidden from view when it is right in front of you?

What prevents you from seeing? These are questions that need answers, the risk assessments need to be applied to reduce the risk factors. Remember one important proverb: "The family that prays together, stays together"!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

* BEST OF DTB #92* Faith and Love

I’m a mom, so I know a few secrets about love.

#1 Love isn’t an emotion—it’s a decision.

Love is a day to day, minute to minute decision to serve, to put another person’s needs above your own. That is why it is easier to understand love once you are a parent, once you are required by the helplessness of your child to step up to the altar of self-sacrifice and inconvenience. It’s partly why the intensity of the love is so evident in that relationship—because it is often one-sided, thankless, and physically grueling.

#2 Love doesn’t have to be requited to be true.

Every once in awhile, I’ve had one of the little loves of my life look me right in the eye and scream, “I don’t like you!” My love doesn’t waver one little bit as I put them into their timeout spot. I don’t need them to love me back in any given moment in order to love them. I do it anyway.

I’m a foster mom, so I know a few more secrets about love, too.

#1 That stuff about love not being an emotion is really true.

Love has to be put into action or it does not exist. When a mother tells the court, “I love my child,” and yet she will not seek medical care because the ER is too boring, buy food because she wants the money for Saturday night, or stay away from a child abuser because the sex is good, it’s evident to all within earshot that she really doesn’t. We can delude ourselves, but we all know deep down that love is a decision to serve the beloved or it is nothing.

#2 Love is not a biological imperative either

The idea is ludicrous on it’s face. Wives do not love husbands because of any genetic bonds. I do not love my children because of common genes . I love them because I love them. I was not related to my parents physically (I'm adopted) and I am not related to my adopted daughter genetically, but watch the mother bear in me come out when she is threatened. I’ll show you love in action, then.

Now go back and reread all of that in light of your relationship with God. Do you love Him? Do you serve Him? Do you remember the words, “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2:17)

Do you see where I am going? You must love God. You must serve God. The two are the same. My conversion was a gift directly from God, yes. All faith is God’s to give, but you either accept it or you do not and then you either act upon it or you do not.

Like that mom in court will we say, “I love my God, but visiting the sick is too boring” or “I love my God, but I don’t have to give to charity to prove it” or “I love my God, but sex is too fun to wait for marriage!” Think God understands? He does. He knows what you are really saying.

Love Himself knows what Love is. It is a verb. We all fail Him in this. Me in my way and you in yours, but God’s love is like a mother's in the face of a toddler’s “I don’t like you!” The mother forgives, she knows and hopes for better. God sees the potential for more than we are in this moment.

I’ve been given faith and I’ve been given talents. So have you. You see, in part, what I do with my gifts here in this blog. I write, I ask questions, I point out Truth. What shall you do with yours? Bury them in the dirt and say, “God loves me and that is enough!” Who else shall do God’s work on earth but you? You who have been given the gift of Faith and a gift of talents, my fellow faithful servant, return it a thousand fold!

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The Catholic Defender: Friend like you

Here at deepertruth, sometimes the days go by and we just kind of glide right on by.

This coming July marks the 1 year anniversary with my joining up with deepertruth and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

To see the effects from all over the world knowing that we have people visiting us and following us as we continue to move forward in our journey of Faith.

I know that I have been enriched tremendously as a result of doing the Lord's will.

The Holy Father has made it clear that the Church should be visible even on hyberspace.

I want to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" for your continued support and prayers.

May the next coming year be as challenging and fruitful as this past year. Most importantly, may our faith always continue to grow.

If we have shared anything that has helped any one of you, the praise and glory goes to the Lord! We are family no matter where we are planted.

I pulled out an old video I wanted to share today and I hope that you all will enjoy it. May God continue to bless you all!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Catholic Defender: A Message from Donna Cori Gibson

Pope Benedicts General Intention for the Month of June: "That priests, united to the Heart of Christ, May always be true witnesses to the caring and merciful love of God.

His Missionary Intention of June: "That the Holy Spirit may bring forth from our communities many missionaries who are ready to be fully consecrated to spreading the Kingdom of God".

This is the heart of our Mission Statement here at deepertruth.

Basically that we know our faith, love our faith, and spread our faith. Donna Cori Gibson will be giving her story of faith in Jesus Christ through his Holy Catholic Faith here on deepertruth. It all starts at 1900 (7:00 P.M. Eastern) 22 June 2011. Here is a message from Donna!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not Exactly Catholic: My Son Has a Super Power

You simply have to read this post by the Attack of the Redneck Mommy blogger. Her son has a super power: invisibility. He is disabled. His disability is visible, so he is unseen.

I want to drag into the glare of honest criticism as a mom of a special gift like my son a few points.

1- You can use any excuse to laugh or rail at the disabled. The more shallow of you use the fact that the child's looks or sounds or drools makes you exempt from being decent. The more subtle of you use the fact that mommy is an annoying Republican as your excuse. When you laugh at the Trig jokes, mothers like me hold our children a little closer. We are protecting them from the likes of you because we know how easy it is to delete the word "Republican" from your excuse and insert any other word--for me it might be "Catholic" or "blogger" or even just "annoying." Once you cross the line of decency, it's crossed. It isn't funny. Not even when the mommy is.

(You may want to brace yourself for this one, folks. It's a hard truth.)
2 - It has always been a capital crime in our societies to be disabled in some way. We used to expose our special children. Our more modern and enlightened evolutionary impulses insist we abort them before they are born. We who have given our special children a stay of execution for various reasons (for some, yes, it was a mere matter of timing) know, deep inside, that the world is appalled at us. Your laughter stirs a fear in us mothers that is directly related to this unacknowledged knowledge.

3 - My son is singing the Kyrie in this moment. In this very moment when I am very near tears at the heartlessness of the world toward him, he sings in Latin, "Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy." It is one of many reasons he is such an incredible gift to me and to you, ugly world. My son who will always struggle, who is the ultimate outsider, who is such a gift, he gives me hope for you and yours.

My Son Has a Super Power

My son has a superpower.

He is invisible.

Most disabled people are, you know

They are born with it, alongside twisted limbs or broken minds.

My son, he can’t walk, or talk, or eat

He can’t hear and he will never fly. But

He is invisible.

You may not have seen him. But he saw you

He smiled at you. A smile

Bright as a ray of light shining through a cracked window.

He looked at you.

Hoping you would see past the invisibility tattooed on his skin, cloaked around his wheelchair.

He stood beside his siblings

His cousin and he smiled. For you.

You didn’t see him.

Or you wouldn’t see him.

Was it the drool on the side of his mouth which
scared you off?

Was it the twisted way he held his hands?

Or the way his head flops slightly to the left?

He smiled still

As you overlooked him, tossing pieces of candy into the bags

Other children held out.

His bag, empty


He smiled still as his aunt explained why he sat at the bottom of your stairs.

“His legs don’t work.”

He smiled when you refused eye contact with him and handed a piece of candy to me to give to him.

Refusing to touch him.

Refusing to come out of your warm bright homes to see him.

My invisible monkey boy, he smiled for you.

I stood beside him, willing you to see him

Wanting my pride, my love for him to be a beacon for your eyes.

Wishing for your eyes to land on him and see his value.

To see him.

For him not to be invisible.

House after house

We tried.

Door after door, princesses, vampires, Spidermans
 they all wished they had super powers as they begged for treats

My boy,
he tricked them all.

He still smiled
even when you didn’t see him,
couldn’t see him,
wouldn’t see him.

Everybody should have a superpower.

Nobody should be invisible.

If I could pick a power

I’d use it to shine the light on every person with disabilities,

I’d make you see.

My son. He is NOT

I see you, kid.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


When I was an unrepentant heathen I thought I'd be happiest following my own will. What happened, naturally, was that I became more and more willful and less and less happy.

Now that I am trying to become who I was made to be and not reacting to my every whim, I am much happier. As much improved as I am, I had a longer way to come than most, so I am well aware, most of the time, that I follow God's will imperfectly and am apt to need redirection in unexpected moments. God has blessed me with the type of friends who are willing to help me in this regard. They won't let me get away with pettiness and smallness without gently calling me to something better. I'm happy to report that this is not a frequent occurrence.

Being so close to my old habits of sinfulness, it's usually me who has benefited from spiritual redirection from my friends. Not so the other day when I heard: "Why do people like that even come to retreats?"

Whoops. In that split second, I was tempted to let the comment pass. What if she got mad at me? Is it really that bad? Since it smacked of pride and since I knew she'd do the same service for me, I took a breath and dove in. "We're all 'people like that,'" I reminded her. She readily agreed, corrected herself, and added, "They're just not sinning my sins." No big deal. We continued on, discussed the nature of sin, large and small, and in doing so bettered ourselves a bit, or at least bolstered our resolve not to backslide on our backsides. I was glad I braved the subject.

We're all falling so short of perfection that we need almost continual redirection, so I am grateful that I have this woman for my friend. Not only is she trying her best to serve God, she's ready to stand corrected if she doesn't. She is cheerful about it all and much more gentle in her redirection of me. I wish all the world had such a treasure.

Happiness is often found in a true friend.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Ed Hara on Deeper truth

Ed Hara will be our guest tonight on Deeper Truth to tell us his story of conversion from Calvinism to Catholicism. Don't miss it! If you want to call in and be on the program, the number is 646-595-2071

The show kicks off at 7 PM Eastern/ 6 PM Central

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Catholic Defender: Congressman Anthony Weiner

The news recently have been reporting the story of Congressman Anthony Weiner, Democrat from New York.

He told the Nation for several days that he was innocent of any wrong doing and that someone hacked into his twitter account.

After more information came forward Congressman Weiner has come out admitting that he has lied to the American people.

He did send out pictures of himself to a number of women across the country. He currently vows that he will not resign his office.

I was just watching an interview with former Congressman Mark Foley who was on the Show, "Hannity" discussing his resignation for actions unbecoming of a Congressman.

A question Sean Hannity asked Former Congressman Foley was if he thought it was a jail offense for sending such explicit sexual material to minors.

I was stunned when Mr. Foley said "No". He still clings to Republican ideals, not sure where he stands on the Traditional family. I pray that he moves closer to the Lord's teaching.

The news have recently reported the adultery of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, this on top of the current issue with Congressman Weiner, reveals a terrible truth about the morals in our Country.

Where is the higher standard that our elected officials should be demonstrating?

With the case of Mark Foley, he claimed he was molested by a Catholic Priest when he was 11 years old.

I think that anyone who is elected to public office, they should have undergo a background check along with training.

I know that many Diocese of the Catholic Church are doing background checks along with mandatory training for Priests, leaders, anyone who is serving at any capacity in the Church.

Our elected officials need to do something similar. I thought Sean Hannity's question to Mark Foley was a good one.

If someone was sending such pornographic material to a minor, that should be a crime. That should be reason enough to impeach if they refuse to resign. Our Nation is in the middle of a culture war that reveals how many are abandoning their Christian heritage.

Athletes and politicians specifically seem to be vulnerable to the temptations that go with fame.

St. Paul warns, "Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor sodomites nor thieves nor greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor robbers will inherit the Kingdom of God" 1 Cor 6:9-10).

That means we are not to tolerate this kind of behavior among our elected officials, our religious leaders, and our families. Congressman Weiner was reportedly raised in a nominal Jewish home, it is believed he might have converted to Islam for his marriage to his wife, Huma Abedin.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was raised a Catholic, but his liberal agenda places himself against the Church. Mark Foley seems to have received help and forgiveness for what he had done found in the public eye.

It is our prayer that all our public officials, political, religious, and sports, will work to clean up these horrendous acts.

Our young people need good role models to emulate. As we pray for our Nation, please keep in mind the need of repentance for our people to God's holy Word.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Catholic Defender: Wait With Anticipation

"Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my savior. For you I wait all the long day, because of your goodness, Lord. Remember your compassion and love, O Lord; for they are ages old. Remember no more the sins of my youth; remember me only in light of your love" (Psalm 26:5-7).
To "wait upon the Lord", we are called not to worry about the day when the Lord returns at the end of days, but rather; we are to wait for the Lords anointing to go to the world.
The Apostles asked our Lord, "Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel"?
That is an interesting question, we have people today trying to pinpoint that time of the end. Jesus response is most important,"It is not for you to know the times or seasons that the Father has established by his own authority. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusaelm, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth"(Acts 1:6-7). 
Jesus also said, "All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age" Matthew 28:18-20).
The Prophet Daniel saw this event in a vsion testifying, "One like a son of man coming, on the clouds of heaven; When he reached the Ancient One and was presented before him, He received dominion, glory, and kingship; nations and peoples of every language serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that shall not be taken away, his kingship shall not be destroyed" (Daniel 7:13-14). 
This is really the advent of the Church and the beginning of the Papacy as Jesus then fulfills His promise, "And so I say to you, you are Peter (Kepa), and upon this rock (Kepa) I will build my Church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 1618-19).
The Apostles are to wait for "the promise of the Father" that you will be "baptized with the Holy Spirit".
The Catholic Church is sent by Christ to bring the goodnews to the whole world. The Holy Spirit has been given and we have this great commission which fills our day with much anticipation. As we continue to Wait With Anticipation for the coming of the Messiah, let us not labor in vain, but may we find in the Lord his reward for being faithful to His call.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

* BEST OF DTB #90* Secular Judgmentalism! New and Improved!

All right, world out there, you have a real point. We Christians are all hypocrites. We fall miserably short of the goals of our religion. Some of us don't even seem to be trying. Good point. Excellent.

Most of us are trying, though. That's the thing. People like me? Yeah, I'd be much worse and harder to deal with without religion. I know from personal experience I was a really awful jerk as an unrepentant heathen. I'm still a really awful jerk, but now I apologize every once in awhile.

It's not much of a brake on me, but it's better than the no brakes thing I had going on before my conversion. It's really not my religion's fault that I am a jerk. I was a jerk before. I'm a slightly less jerky jerk now. The reason I'm not more improved is because I'm lazy not because of any fault of my religion. My faults are still my fault.

At any rate, for all of you out there holding up your nose, pointing fingers, and calling names like "hypocrite" and "they're no better than anybody else," you know you're right. Thing is, we do, too. We know we aren't better. We're trying to be better, but we know we all fall short. Some of us are closer to the mark in some areas, some in others. We're all pretty bad at this.

The only real difference between a Christian and a nonChristian is Christ, so there you go. Enjoy all the finger pointing and hypocrisy on your side of the fence. We'll be praying for you. We'll be over here trying our best at better.

Using other people's shortcomings as an excuse not to even try is not the best way to live, but you can keep at it. I did for years. I felt really superior doing it, too, so I know just how you feel.

Feel free to be better than me. Anytime!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Catholic Defender: Thank You Mother

I was digging into an old issue of "The Mirror" dated October 16, 2009.

There was a Letter to the Editor that gained my interest. It was the headliner, "Much the same, 31 years later" that caught my eye.

The writer states, "I recently came across a copy of "The Mirror" dated April 16, 1978.

I particularly enjoyed a letter to the editor therein by Mary Ann McKinney of St. Catherine Parish, Humansville, MO. The subject was her parish priest and it follows here:

"Dear Editor: I was having a conversation with someone about parish priests. I was asked about ours. Who he is, to what order he belongs, what he looks like, ect. To all questions except his name, I could only reply: 'I don't know'.

'I doubt if I'd recognize him on the street without his collar'. 'We call him 'the road runner' because he has to hit three churches on the run'. 'He spends little time with us socially'. 'He's just 'Father'. Then I realized what I was doing. Without this 'He's just 'Father' I would still be fallen away, alone, and wretched.

I remembered my old Maryknoll Missal, victim of flood damage years ago, with pages all stuck together, pictures faded and colors run together. Where was it? When I crawled behind his chair to grope among my old books, my husband looked at me as if I had finally gone over the top! But it was still there, okay.

The pages came apart and there were all the litanies, prayers, and that great old forgotten friend, the Regina Caeli for Eastertime. And the prayer for missioners to which I added, sincerely, 'O Divine Wayfarer, thank you for our road runner and may his tires not go flat, his transmission not fall out, or he suffer a misadventure on the road before he can get to us, who like pouting children whose parent has to work to do and cannot come out to play, complain that we don't get enough attention!

May the strong winds be at his back as he brings me my life, my hope, my strength, and my salvation in the Body of Christ. Amen".

As I read this I felt how much this reminded me of my Mother. She had a lot of great wit about her.

My Mother's faith is what I was able to see and then experience and thank God for my Mother.

Everything I do for the Lord, for every person that I help bring to the Lord, I do all of it in honor of my Mother. I would not be who I am if it wasn't for my Mother. She is in the hands of Our Good Lord, and I know that Our Heavenly Mother is with my Mother.

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The Catholic Defender: The David and Selia Story

On 3 June 2011, deepertruthblog will be interviewing the conversion story of David and Selia Byrd.­eeper-truth/2011/06/03/deeper-­truth
David and Selia Byrd are both converts to the Catholic Faith. David was recieved in the Church while deployed to Iraq, Selia was recieved this last Easter Vigil. Come listen as the Byrd's share their Journey to the Cathoic Faith. David was a Non-denomination follower and Selia was a Jehovah's Witness. This should prove interesting! This show is for this Friday (3 June), 7:00 P.M. Easter, 6:00 Central

Today is the feast of St.Justin Martyr, he also was a convert to the Catholic Faith. He paid the highest sacrifice giving his life as a witness to Christ. Like St. Paul, he was beheaded along with a number of friends who would not deny Christ.

The Catholic Faith continues to reach out to those willing to follow Christ. Jesus states, "I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. But when he (Holy Spirit) comes, the Spirit of truth, he will guide you to all truth. He will not speak on his own, but he will speak what he hears, and will declare to you the things that are coming. He will glorify me, because he will take from what is mine and declare it to you. Everything that the Father has is mine; for this reason I told you that he will take from what is mine and declare it to you".

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