Saturday, June 4, 2011

* BEST OF DTB #90* Secular Judgmentalism! New and Improved!

All right, world out there, you have a real point. We Christians are all hypocrites. We fall miserably short of the goals of our religion. Some of us don't even seem to be trying. Good point. Excellent.

Most of us are trying, though. That's the thing. People like me? Yeah, I'd be much worse and harder to deal with without religion. I know from personal experience I was a really awful jerk as an unrepentant heathen. I'm still a really awful jerk, but now I apologize every once in awhile.

It's not much of a brake on me, but it's better than the no brakes thing I had going on before my conversion. It's really not my religion's fault that I am a jerk. I was a jerk before. I'm a slightly less jerky jerk now. The reason I'm not more improved is because I'm lazy not because of any fault of my religion. My faults are still my fault.

At any rate, for all of you out there holding up your nose, pointing fingers, and calling names like "hypocrite" and "they're no better than anybody else," you know you're right. Thing is, we do, too. We know we aren't better. We're trying to be better, but we know we all fall short. Some of us are closer to the mark in some areas, some in others. We're all pretty bad at this.

The only real difference between a Christian and a nonChristian is Christ, so there you go. Enjoy all the finger pointing and hypocrisy on your side of the fence. We'll be praying for you. We'll be over here trying our best at better.

Using other people's shortcomings as an excuse not to even try is not the best way to live, but you can keep at it. I did for years. I felt really superior doing it, too, so I know just how you feel.

Feel free to be better than me. Anytime!

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