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The Catholic Defender: Dr. Gregory Thompson Responds

The following is a prepared response by Dr. Gregory Thompson to the actions taken at the Knights of Columbus Convention in Denver Colorado. I was personally shocked as he relayed the story to me which was affirmed by Kenneth Fisher who also spoke of the issues that took place. I call for people of good will to pray much for what is taking place in the Knights. This is a reflection of our times and in order to return to the basics of our faith we need to stand up for our principles. If we do not we will lose them. There are entities out there who want nothing more that to bring the Church down. This kind of in house fighting has got to stop and the leadership needs moral courage to get past this perception of weakness. Please pray for our leaders, religious and lay, that our nation will be strengthened. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr. Gregory Thompson:

A response from Dr. Gregory Thompson to the actions of the Knights Convention in Denver.

To each of my brothers and sisters in Christ, please feel free to send this to any publication, that Knights and Catholics will read, and know that you each have my permission to edit as needed*** please let me know if you do so, so that I have an answer if asked. My love and prayers in Christ, Gregory p.s. I attached this and put it in the body*** God be with you

Supreme Office of Knights of Columbus “Loss of Integrity and Right Arm”

St. John Bosco stated it well, “There is nothing more holy in this world than to work for the good of souls, for whose salvation Jesus Christ poured out the last drops of His Blood.” St. Vincent de Paul tells us that: “The salvation of men and our own are so great a good that they merit to be obtained at any price.”

The truth of these statements would be believed by every Catholic, but not practiced by the Supreme Office of the Knights of Columbus. Oh sure, there will be lip service that sounds like Principle, but the real life actions are pure pragmatism, which is a playground for Satan.

At the International Convention of the Knights of Columbus in Denver, two Knights, Ken Fisher, a 3rd Degree Knight and Dr. Gregory Thompson, a 4th Degree Knight, both in good standing with the Catholic Church, and with the Knights, were refused the Body and Blood of Christ. At the same time, others were allowed in to the Mass, who were not Knights, some were not Catholic, and also Knights that were not registered for the event. This action only adds repugnance to the Scandal that we were obligated as Catholics to expose. Scandal that harms the lives and souls of others. Ephesians 5:11, [11] “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”

This action is not so much an action against the conduct of the Knights of Columbus, as it is an action for the honor and glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Mary, and the Bride of Christ HIS Catholic Church, protecting both lives and souls of children and our neighbors at any price.

Jesus says in Luke 11:23, "you are either with me or against me, you either gather with me or you scatter" and that is pretty black and white. Yet the Leadership of the Knights in allowing deceit and fraud to take place have harmed us as individuals and as an Order that had purity of purpose, and started with principle, instead of the pragmatism of the past and present Supreme office, which God will not honor.

First, it would be prudent to define the terms, with the help of my brother in Christ, Rusty. Pragmatism is without question the ruling philosophy that guides leadership in America today. We see its influence in our pulpits, corporate America, amongst our campaigning politicians, entrenched amongst our elected officials, and soundly within the Leadership of the Knights of Columbus. Pragmatism is a leadership theory that is expressly concerned with what practically works. It is a philosophy that is concerned with what will make us successful. It is an ideology that seeks to accomplish goals without any serious consideration as to whether our guiding thoughts, our flowery words, or our brilliant methods are right or wrong. According to pragmatism, the ends can and will most likely justify the means.

Principle on the other hand is not driven by what works, but by what is right. It is a Biblical philosophy that is concerned with what is right specifically before the eyes of a Holy God to whom man must give an account on that Great Day. Principle in its purest form is the guiding tenets that are permanently fixed in what is right and wrong as God has defined these terms in His Law/Word. Therefore, when a leader is guided by principle instead of pragmatism the ends can never justify the means. Principled leadership seeks right motive as well as right action.

A principled leader is convinced that the Almighty not only has a will and a word, but a way that must be adhered to. It is a leader that despite any setback, humiliation, or temporary defeat that inevitably comes from living a principled life, will still rise or fall based upon the solid conviction of God's immutable principles.

Ah, now there lies the rub, the very crux of the matter that creates the conflict between pragmatism and principle. It is this apparent drawback that living by principle brings that makes pragmatism so appealing to our spineless generation of leaders in the K of C today. Most of them are willing to sacrifice what is right, even when they know deep down in their hearts the truth, in order to win elections, political points, power, or money, or any other advantage that may be gained by their compromises. Thus winning at all costs, even at the cost of selling out our most cherished values, becomes the paramount and chief value. In the Knights Leadership, it becomes in and of itself the primary "virtue" which is willing for temporary gain to sacrifice what is right, what is true, and what will last with the shaking of time, the winning of souls for eternity.

Brother Knights, the bottom line is, ideas have consequences and a belief system will lead us somewhere. The question is where? Have we really thought through the ramifications of rejecting the eternal principles of God for the sake of pragmatism? Is it really more important to be successful with many Knights and much money, than to be honest in our business dealings, and protect the lives and souls of God’s children? Do we really desire our children to follow the lip service of the K of C Leadership in order to be popular, or do we desire them to follow what is right, despite the mockery and scorn that they might have to endure for the cause of Christ? Do we really want Shepherds to tickle our ears and flatter us for the sake of “church growth” or do we want men of God to speak the truth in love to please God and convict us?

I believe it's high time the Knights of Columbus Leadership and all that call themselves Catholic return from the abyss of pragmatism to the understanding that we, especially as Catholics, are called to be faithful to the truth, whether we win or lose, become popular or unpopular. It is God's responsibility to determine outcome. It is God's domain to determine results. Unfortunately, it is this very allurement of “outcome” and “results” that reveals yet another temptation for becoming a pragmatist in the Knights of Columbus. It deceives us by subtly suggesting that we, apart from God, can determine outcome and manipulate results. All we have to do is just compromise our principles, lower the standards of God’s way, and never, under any circumstance, give a consequence to any politician or other person who are Knights, that can give us what we want.

Pragmatism, thus armed with its compromised strategy that is only concerned with outcome, continues to dominate Knight and some Catholic leadership. The fallout of this brand of waffling leadership is that they never seem to give serious thought to the long-term ramifications of its double-minded ways. It never seems to occur to the pragmatists that they are replacing the solid, righteous foundation of God's principles to rebuild God’s house on shifting sand. In the long run, they are simply crafting a broken cistern that will not and cannot hold lasting water for the K of C and Church future. Thus, those who are addicted to pragmatism today would probably scoff at this principled statement by the father of our country, George Washington. He stated, “If to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how can we afterward defend our work? Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the event is in the Hands of God.”

Why do I say deceit and fraud? When you say that you stand for something but by omission or commission support or allow those things that are contrary to Catholic teaching, is this a type of deceit used to bring in new recruits to pay dues and buy insurance, because you give lip service to Catholic teachings, but hide the fact that you allow those willing to Murder babies, and breakdown the families by supporting Sodomy, to say that they are your brother Knight.

When the Knight Leadership did not allow me to receive the Real Presence of Christ on Thursday at the K of C International Convention, I had a sign that day that read, "I love Jesus, I love Mary, I love the Catholic Church, I love the K of C. We are obligated because of Love to suspend those Knights that promote Murdering Babies, until they repent and get themselves right with God and HIS Church." Souls of those promoting Murdering Babies, and promoting Sodomy, are at risk of Hell for eternity, as well as those in the Knights Leadership that by omission and commission fail to address this for the good of their brothers in Christ. Most Knights, my brothers, when I acknowledged them with a blessing, would not even talk to their brother Knight in love, and some priests when asked, would not give a blessing to one of their lambs, I believe because of the conduct and attitude of the Knight Leadership who we exposed as part of the Scandal. Why, because we follow Jesus and love their souls and agree their salvation should be obtained at any price.

I did not say kick them out of the Church, although you cannot call yourself Catholic and be for the Murder of babies, let them attend to hear the Word of God, but not receive the Eucharist until they have repented. I did not say kick them out of the Knights, even though a Knight has to believe in the teachings of the Church, and thus cannot publically take a stand for the Murder of Babies or the promotion of Sodomy. The Leadership of the Knights have the power to make it right within the Constitution of the Knights. As a Knight you have to be a practicing Catholic, and cannot cause Scandal. We are Catholic first, or being a Knight is nothing, and a Knight who is openly against the teachings of the Catholic Church is repugnant to the good of the Order.

Matthew 18:6, 7 “[6] But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. [7] Woe to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh.”
Please Pray, Pray, Pray, So that the millstones prepared for any Knight Leadership or Church Shepherds, will be put aside. One last call, for the good of the souls of our Shepherd Leadership in the Catholic Church, who should guide the Knights Leadership and Knights Politicians to do the right thing in the eyes of God, as a Catholic, or be subject to Canon 915. We cannot hide behind lack of action by our Knight or Church Leadership, we must reprove and correct with Catholic Church teachings, those we love, including all Leadership who have souls that Jesus wants.

Thank you Ken Fisher and John O’Gorman for being Loving Servant Warriors for the King of Kings, HIS Mother Mary, and HIS Bride, the Catholic Church. Your vigilance, research, and efforts have strengthened me, and I believe many others in their service to the Lord. And your efforts I believe will help some turn back to God that were blinded by the powers and principalities.

Love and prayers in Christ, Dr. Gregory Thompson

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