Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Year end wrap up show

Here are the nominees for our awards to be announced in tonight's 2011 wrap up show;

Blog Post of the year:

An Epiphany, a gift or a bust in the mouth? John Benko, January 5th.
Iron Rakkason Don Hartley, February 8th
The moment of Consecration John Benko, February 11th.
Where are our shepherds? Dr. Gregory Thompson, February 12th.
Calvinism vs Catholicism JoJo Hawkins, March 1st
We don't shoot our wounded Christie Martin, March 3rd
Purgatory: The show notes John Benko, March 24th
There will be an answer, Let it Be John Benko, April 16th
No Pope? No Hope John Benko, May 5th, 2011
The Father Kapaun Story Donald Hartley, May 13th
Secular Judgement Christie Martin, June 4th
Questions regarding the Rapture John Benko, July 6th
Authority of the keys Donald Hartley, August 21st
The good soil Donald Hartley, September 16th
Casper the friendly ghost Donald Hartley, October 27th
A predator in Happy Valley John Benko, November 9th
Why Sex is complicated Christie Martin, December 14th
Saints and Angels and Relics and Statues John Benko, December 16th
Forever Shall I sing Donald Hartley, December 18th
The real message of Christmas John Benko, December 25th

Video of the Year:

song category
Higher Power
Faith Symphony
Bridge over troubled water
Joseph's song

Presentation category:
The case for December 25th, 2 BC
A tribute for Sarah
The whore is Jerusalem
Tribute to Dr. Thompson
Refuting Zach

Overall video of the year:

Blogtalkradio show of the year

The Purgatory Debate
The Queen of Heaven; Mary or Isis
Donna Cori Gibson
The Sola Scriptura Debate
Blood on A pew
Mike Ruggeri/Dan Peterman Debate
The Five Solas
Refute the annoying Calvinist/Shake the nation
Operation Arizona
Steve Ray and Ross Earl Hoffman from the Holy land
Medjugorge Round-table
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Writer of the Year
John Benko
Donald Hartley
Christie Martin

Deeper Truth Person of the year
John Benko
Donand Hartley
Christie Martin
Dr. Gregory Thompson
Ross Earl Hoffman
Margie Prox Sindelar
JoJo Hawkins

I hope you enjoy the show!

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