Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Catholic Defender: Obama's War on Catholicism

President Obama continues his war on God and the family with just about everything he introduces.

According to the Kaiser Health News, the Catholic Bishops are positioning themselves to sue the Government after Obama gave the Catholic Church an order to comply with his directive to push abortion and contraception in Catholic Hospitals.

USA Today reported that the Catholic Hospitals object to covering birth control.

There are more than 600 Catholic Hospitals represented by the Catholic Health Association, expressed great disappointment over Obama's directive.

Catholic and Evangelical organizations all enjoyed the freedom to follow their faith base, but storm clouds are gathering. Obama is rejecting their exemptions.

The following is a letter from Dan Cleveland, Opinions Editor:

"We can all agree that universal health care makes sense in that every American should be insured. That's why I can understand a defense of President Barack Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, commonly known as 'Obamacare'. However, there are some shocking regulations that come with this reform which we should all be aware of, as they threaten one of our most basic human rights.

The details of the Obamacare act are being outlined under the Department of Health and Human Services. Under new provisions, which could take affect later this year, both public and private health care plans are required to cover preventative acts. This means surgical sterilization, all methods of contaception approved by the Food and Drug Administration, education and counseling must now be covered by health care, as mandated by the HHS.

This presents a problem. A number of these forms of contraceptives - including the "morning after" pill - may cause an already fertilized and implanted egg to die, thus destroying a human life as it begins its development into a child. Also included are surgical sterilizations, which makes it impossible for pregnancies to occur in the first place.

So why are these new HHS rulings such a big deal? First of all, we will all be paying for them, either in the insurance policy we'll have to buy or the taxes we'll have to pay. We are required by law to be insured, so that means everyone will be forced to pay for these policies in one way or another.

This is where the HHS rulings violate an essential freedom. The Obama administration is mandated that Americans insurance plans cover specific practices. Unfortunately, those practices force people who respect the sanctity of human life to disobey their beliefs. There are few exemptions to the HHS rulings, which will allow some religious employers, such as a Catholic Parish, to qualify. But most Catholics will be obligated under penalty of law to pay for what their church teaches is immoral. And a number of Catholic hospitals, organizations and schools will be faced with a tough choice: Either violate their principles in order to insure their employees, or face the consequences of breaking the law.

Another problem is that surgical sterilizations are being treated like necessary medical surgeries. We have to realize what we're talking about here: Pregnancy is not a disease. Neither is fertility. Rather, they are normal, healthy states of being. Why are we covering and forcing Americans to cover procedures that typically aren't necessary? Would you expect your boss to pay for your Botox injections?

These proposed changes by HHS are not in effect yet; if enough objections are brought up, their passage could be stalled. There are many Catholic organizations that will fight this, as will other religious organizations. But this grim future of aquashed religious freedom will be our fate unless we do something about it.

An article published Friday, Jan. 20, on thinkprogress.org called these changes a 'huge victory for women's health.' But when the government is able to force us to ignore our personal and religious beliefs, I can't see how anyone wins".

Pope Paul VI encyclical "Humanae Vitae" was very prophetic. He connected the evil of contaception to abortion.

He recognized how this would affect the family negatively as well as the epidemic of Sexually Transmitted Disease".

Obama is dangerously close to the tyranny of Antiochus, who tortured the seven brothers found in 2 Maccabees 7:1-42.

It will be difficult to follow the rules of Obama as it was to Antiochus who tortured those who would not eat pork, smashing the sensibilities of the servants of God.

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