Friday, May 17, 2013

Shioning God (pun intented)...8 quick takes for the price of 7

Of all the people in my life who stun me and amaze me, there are none so exasperating and puzzling as myself. In every crisis, I find myself falling into the same traps, "shioning" God for the same reasons. Why must I learn the same lesson over and over!?
--- 1 ---
Depression.  In a nutshell, plain, old-fashioned self pity. Ok. I'm out of work. It sucks. Two thoughts; 1) Yes, I am doing everything I absolutely can to fix the situation. 2) A lot of people are in this situation. There! Do you feel better now? Um...not really.
--- 2 ---
Humiliation. Nothing short of poison ivy gets under our skin more than being brought low by someone who you think everyone should be able to see through. The stark and cold realization that, while you thought you were a serious player , you were merely a pawn, easily taken out by someone far more skilled at playing the game than you will ever be. Face it, little fish, you were way out of your pond.
--- 3 ---
Trepidation. In other words, paralysis. Almost makes you think it would even be better to do something wrong then to remain here frozen in place like a big old iceberg. Simple moral cowardice, not to put too fine a point on it.
--- 4 ---
Rationalization. Oh, to be free of this one! You know? "It's not my fault because because because because because....." and, no, it's not because of the wonderful things he does.
--- 5 ---
Hibernation. See #1. Withdraw. Sure, that's the answer! Cut yourself off from the very people who are your lifeline and connection to heavenly support. How is that working for ya?
--- 6 ---
Resignation. Despair. "I quit", "I give up", "It's not worth it", "Why do I even try". Oh, trust me, I have a million of them. It is all summed up in a pretty basic childhood response, juxtaposed onto life. "Okay, this isn't fun anymore, I don't want to play".  Of course, once I reach #6, #7 is almost sure to follow.....
--- 7 ---
Alleviation. Please note that copious doses of #4 may be required. "I just came back to see what condition my condition was in". Ah, yes. I have become comfortably numb. I just needed a little something (insert addiction here) for the pain.

--- 8 ---
Restart process at #1 and repeat for entire lifetime OR exit process and return, once again, to God. Think I'm going with option B. 

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