Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Catholic Defender: The Dan Quinn Story

Tonight, Saturday night, live Deepertruth will host Dan Quinn to the show that will give his story of Faith and family.                     (

I first met Dan at Gardner Kansas when I was up their visiting family.

Gardner has a dynamic Catholic Parish (Divine Mercy Parish) and I met so many great people of faith there.

Dan has a strong faith and his testimony will inspire many people.

He is a huge Missouri Tiger fan being that he studied at the University of Missouri.  The Tigers have a huge game today with Auburn which should be a great match up.

Dan Quinn is a Catholic Author with a book about the Immaculate Conception on Amazon. 

Currently, it is the top Amazon book about the Immaculate Conception subject.  

He is a strong family man who is very energetic about his faith!

We are celebrating the second Sunday of Advent and that means we are moving closer and closer to Christmas.

So we are definitely getting ready for Christmas.  I will be meeting my Wife, Gigi and family who are stationed in Gardner Kansas so I will be graced to be attending Midnight Mass at Divine Mercy Parish.

I am following a couple of other things today as America remembers 7 December 1941, when America was brutally attacked by Japan.

This attack on Pearl Harbor would be the greatest attack on American soil 72 years ago today. 

More than 2400 American Troops died during this attack and another 1,143 were wounded.

The following day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared that December 7 would be "a date that will live in infamy".  That statement would be very true.

On December 8, (the Feast of the Immaculate Conception) the United States declared War on Japan bringing America into World War II.

Today is also the Feast of St. Ambrose, most remembered for his defense of the Catholic Church against the Roman Emperors who felt they were more privileged than the rank and file laity.  He stood up against tyranny.  He is probably most know for his influence with St. Augustine.  

St. Ambrose was very much like King Hezekiah, who  took out the Pagan idols out of Israel (2 Kings 18:4).  St. Ambrose did much to outlaw Pagan practices.  That is interesting to me because anti-Catholics make the attacks that Catholics brought in Paganism.  That is false.

Today, there is an attack on Christmas from different groups.  From those who do not like Santa Clause such as Representative Michele Marie Bachmann, (one of the few disagreements I have with her) to the Secularists who fight to take Christ out of public life.

In the picture above, I am left to Santa and prepared to help him defend Christmas against those who seek to destroy it.  On this occasion, Santa visited me when I was in Iraq.

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