Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Question posed to me on You Tube

A person (who I will not identify) posed the following question in a private message to my You Tube channel. He starts by quoting me.


Stay strong. Not all protestants are demons like Joe. There are many people we can reach with God's Word.


I can honestly say that, in my 40+ years on this planet, I have probably met less than 20 protestants with more than a superficial ''faith'' in Christ. Very few that truly internalize Christ in a meaningful way....none of them on youtube....not one

How in the world are you going to reach people with GODs' word with statements like this ?

I will answer your question this way- judge the results. The number of subscribers we have has increased ten fold, as have the number of hits on this blog and subscribers to our twitter account. The number of people that are responding positively to our message is off the chart and Defender has more conversions to the faith than he knows what to do with.

Why? because we have abandoned the ''roll over and play dead'' approach that has failed our church for so many years in favor of a ''tell it like it is'' approach that always seeks kindness first, but exposes the anti-catholic hate mongers for what they are before they can deceive any more innocent people into their cult of self worship.

The two statements above are absolutely, irrefutably true. Why should I apologize for saying them. Most protestants are well intentioned people who are not are just deceived. Most of them are not classified by the demonic hate you see in a person like Joe, who wouldn't know Jesus if He appeared to him in a vision.

However, it is also true that very few Protestants that I have know- less than 5% certainly- ever go deeper than John 3:16 and never have more than a superficial "relationship" with Jesus. I mean no disrespect in saying that, it is just the truth.

This Friday's show will be a prime example. We will explore Scriptures that most protestants have never even heard, much less studied.

Our goal is to help protestants have a deeper understanding of scripture. Of course, when that happens, they usually become Catholics. Of course, in so doing, we also have to expose the hatemongers and the charlatans who wish to fill their heads with lies and junk theology.

If some get offended, so be it. Thanks for the question!

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