Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Catholic Defender at EWTN

Marcus Grodi, Bruce Sullivan and
myself take a picture following the
broadcast live on EWTN. Both Marcus and Bruce will appear on our deepertruth radio show. They are both great Apologists for the Catholic Faith. They had the crowd totally into the show. Marcus was a former Lutheran Minister and Bruce was a former Church of Christ Minister. They were very well received at the show.

I take an opportunity to pose on the set "The Journey Home". This evening is one of the last episodes of "The Journey Home" broadcast live from this location. It will be moved to a location much closer to home for Marcus Grodi. Tonight began the show's 14th year on the set. Great Job Marcus! What a great place to be, some of the great convert stories of our time like Scott and Kimberly Hahn, Steve Ray, Tim Staples, and many more. God is so good!

Marcus Grodi and Bruce Sullivan talking about pre-game warmups which they would knock the ball out of the park. It was a wonderful day for everyone as EWTN has a great team there. Both men were very approachable and happy to meet people. Bruce had two of his Daughters there and they got the chance to see their Dad hit a grand slam this very evening. It was great to have been there! I knew Bruce as we worked together in Kentucky during the Youth 2,000 weekends!

I had the chance to speak with Father Frank Pavone. He will be a guest on deepertruth radio soon as he was very interested to talk to me. He was very gracious with his time, a true man of God who loves the Lord and His Church. He is one of the great spokesman for the unborn child! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg of you to spare the life of the unborn child, whom I have spiritually adopted.

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