Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Catholic Defender checks out the Tea Party Express

Yesterday, I was at the 58th street Chapel on Fort Hood looking for the Catholic Coordinator when I picked up a copy of "Our Sunday Visitor" that caught my eye.

It was dated Oct 17, 2010 so it was recent. On the cover of the issue it questions the "Tea Party Movement: How Catholic is it"?

It refers to an earlier poll conducted by McLaughlin and Associates for the National Review Institute.

This is suppose to have been a Catholic view to the Tea Party Movement showing 59% of those polled felt the Tea Party was "driven by legitimate concern over the U.S. economy's future", 21% felt the movement was "driven by failure". What surprised me from this poll was that only 8% would vote for a congressional candidate represented by the Tea Party?

If you count those who vote for the Republican party that would be another 28% for about 36% combined. 28% was solidly behind the Democrats and 36% were undecided.

As a Catholic, it appears we are all over the map? Just toss a dart and there you have it? As I thought about this for a few minutes, I couldn't help thinking about what this all means.

I have to ask: "How Catholic is the Democratic Party"?

How many Catholics are supporting Chris Coons from Delaware over Tea Party's O'Donnell?

Mr. Coons represents the high tax and spend policy of the present administration. He also does not understand the Constitution as evident through the debates with Ms. O'Donnell. Mr. Coons is one of the most devout liberals as he was refereed by Senator Harry Reid of Nevada to be "his pet"?

He is an ardent pro-abortionist, supporter of Gay rights, supporter of the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, just looking at this Mr. Coons will be a rubber stamp of the Obama machine?

I would be able to say the same thing about any of the races out there across America. The powerful Unions have always been solidly behind the Democratic Party.

In the 1940's that might have been important for the common worker, but today, they do not have the same dedication. The Unions are not exactly looking out for Christian causes?

I think some people confuse Gay rights with a false sense of compassion for the gay individual. Love and compassion does not equal toleration and acceptance.

Today, there are Judges legislating from the bench wanting to over turn "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", the Military should not be a ground for social engineering?

The Military has always had rules that prevented people from entering the Army. Those who are to fat and out of shape, those who are underweight, those who have AIDS and other health conditions, those who are too short, those who are too tall, and those who have had sexual relations with the same sex.

I believe many Christians will not join the Military if the Gays are allowed to be open among them. Practicing Christians cannot co-exist with practicing homosexuals. There will be friction no matter what you do. If you call active homosexual unions and lifestyles as sinful, that could be targeted by "Equal Opportunity", this would definitely have friction with Christians who are in the Military. This is also putting Chaplains in a delicate situation.

The Gay Activists have already approached the Military Chaplaincy telling them they will have to modify what they preach from the pulpit? Does that concern you? It does me!

I compare this with the spiritual blindness in England when the Catholic Bishops caved in to King Henry VIII and abandoned the Catholic Faith.

Abortion is another problem, I served as the Medical NCOIC of the MEPS in New Orleans. I was in charge of all the physicals conducted there.

If a female applicant was found to be pregnant, they were not allowed to join the Military (another disqualifier), that same applicant many times would be back a few months later after they aborted their child. That would always break my heart.

From our position, we could never comment on it. It is these very issues that make me question, "How Catholic is the Democratic Party"?

This November election will be closely watched, I can't help follow the daily polls on FOX News. I guess that would tell you I am conservative, but in reality, Fox does a great job providing both sides of the issue. The drive by media is about 70% liberal or higher. I would not be able to listen to that for very long.
Back to the original question, "How Catholic is the Tea Party"? It is a conservative wave that I hope brings in a needed breath of fresh air. Most of the Tea Party candidates are strongly pro-life, supportive of traditional marriage and family life. Smaller Government and less taxes. They want to save Social Security.

To bring back common sense to American Politics and put a stop to Obama's health care law.

Talk about a back room deal? What happened to the so-called "pro-life" blue dog Democrats who were suppose to hold out against the health care bill because of abortion?

That was a ruse deceiving the American people. Obama and the liberal agenda wants to ensure that abortion is covered in this bill so they would get our Federal tax dollars to support it. Catholic Hospitals would be forced to conduct abortions, Catholic professional medical personnel would be forced to participate in abortions.

That is how far they want to go with this. Catholics should vote against this in droves. The ultimate question finally becomes, "How Catholic are American Catholics"?

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