Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Catholic Defender proud of Soldiers

My last deployment with the 2-5 CAV (Feb 09 - Jan 10) was very rewarding in many ways. I had several of my Soldiers get promoted from PFC to SPC, I had a number who were sent to the E-5 Board and were promoted to Sergeant. Before we went on this deployment I had two of my E-5 Soldiers promoted to SSG (E-6). Both of those I placed in charge of my Main Aid Station (MAS) and my Forward Aid Station (FAS). They did an outstanding job. Their support and loyalty helped our Unit profoundly. I couldn't be more proud.

I had two Soldiers that supported the Scouts Platoon which in effect, was our PSD. They served to support the Battalion Commander. The Soldier on the far right in this picture was one of my Soldiers who was recently honored "Soldier of the year" (USO) for his bravery and quick action that gave LTC Timothy Karcher a chance at survival. SGT Dispennette represents several people who had a hand in saving the Battalion Commander's life. We were fortunate to have one of the best Doctor/Physician's Assistant in Division.

Prayer was my motivation and the Lord's presence among us was a huge factor in our success. Several Soldiers to include SGT Dispennette are studying and preparing for their entrance into the Catholic Faith. I was blessed to have had the ability to conduct Catholic Services in the absence of a Priest. The Picture on the left I was honored to support our Priest when he was able to visit our JSS. Most of us were out in small bases where the Iraqi people were. Few of us were on a major Camp. I have two Son's deployed to Afghanistan, please keep all our troops in your prayers.

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