Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Catholic Defender: Shake The Nation

Election night I was glued to the Television watching from the beginning to the end the results of all the races.

Most of it was a great surprise as the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, won major Governor races, and added some Senatorial races.

The following is a letter from Deacon Jim Reynolds of St. Anns Catholic Church from Independence Missouri. I think I might of been there as a child so many years ago:

To Whom it may concern,

I come to you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. What a joy to recommend to my brothers and sisters in Christ, Dr. Gregory Thompson and his ministry, "America ASLEEP KNOW MORE" and the conferences "Shake The Nation". Like Catholic teaching from the days of Christ we have understood the importance of "Bearing witness to the Truth", and equally important to wake up as individual Christian's.

Father Corapi says it very well, "Every Christian, faithful to the Gospel, has the moral obligation to bear witness to the truth. In season and out of season, convenient or inconvenient, accepted or rejected. This mandate is nothing new, of course, it's as old as the Old Testament, and as new as the New Testament. Nonetheless, I'm afraid that it has become more necessary than ever to remind ourselves of it."

Like the Sons of Ishachar, Dr. Thompson brought in three others with him, that not only gave an understanding of the times, but a much needed call to awaken in these times we live in, to pray for God's will, and then like Jesus to take action and accept our Cross, for the souls of our neighbors and the children.

Pope John Paul II said, "In order to make this "encounter" with Christ possible, God willed His Church. Indeed, the Church "wishes to serve this single end: that each person may be able to find Christ, in order that Christ may walk with each person the path of life."

Through the mercy and grace of God, may these men bring a message of challenge, warning, and hope to those that understand that evil is indeed triumphing because many good people do nothing about the weightier issues of the day. Jesus is looking for hearts that want to serve HIM, and this Shake The Nation I believe is a spark to help engage the children of Christ. Everyone will learn something, and be encouraged.

God's love and peace to those that hear HIS voice,

Deacon Jim Reynolds

As an American people, this past November 2 Election Day was very important and profound. So many voted to have an impact for America. So many campaigns, the Tea Party, the Constitutionist, the Christians, many people of good will voted to make a change for America to bring us back to the greatness of the principles of what made our Country great.

We are a work in progress and we have a long way to go to ensure that our liberties and freedoms are maintained. There are those who have pushed for a European Socialistic political solution to our problems.

This has failed us to a 13 trillion dollar debt, the loss of jobs, the loss of the social fabric, and the uncertainty of basic security.

Think about it? Our current administration sued Arizona for enacting laws that our Government refuses to enforce for the protection of our citizens. Our Government does not defend the right of voters when Black Panthers use their methods to intimidate at Philidelphia voting blocks. Our Government does not defend the right of the most defenseless among us, the unborn child.

I concur with Deacon Jim, Dr. Gregory Thompson and his merry band of patriots have America in their best interest. They want to give God the glory and rest on the foundations of our Constitution. May their spirit grow into a movement that captivates and taps into that soul that desperately needs to be refreshed and vitalized. That Catholics and Protestants can work together for the common good.

May this Election Day victories lead to American restoration. May God be honored and respected and His name be praised that our land will receive forgiveness and healing. God Bless America!

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