Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Catholic Defender: Operation Arizona

This past weekend, deepertruth took it's mission and purpose to Phoenix Arizona, but what we didn't know exactly how much we would need and depend on God for our success.

There are so many people whom God used to help make this happen.

Coach Dave Daubenmire was scheduled to join us as a key note speaker.

As the weekend drew near, it became clear that the Coach was not able to make the mission due to health issues.

Please keep Coach in your prayers as he continues to recover from surgery.

Dr. Gregory Thompson called on another friend who has worked with him conducting "Shake the Nation" weekends throughout the Country.

At first, we had a positive result as this contact was very excited to come and participate in this mission.

However, even as Dr. Thompson was arranging for the flight, the call came right back that he could not make the weekend mission due to other business obligations.

Dr. Thompson felt that he had another potential prospect, but it might be a long shot.

He had already touched base with Tim Francis, a noted Catholic Apologist (You Shall Believe), mostly by e-mail, they did talk once on one occasion, hoping to discuss future opportunities.

Dr. Thompson asked Tim what he had planned this weekend. Tim had spent a mission in Denver Colorado where he had a thousand people a night for three nights.

Dr. Thompson asked Tim if he could help out participating with this mission at St. James Catholic Church near Glendale right outside Phoenix Arizona.

It turns out, this was exactly where Tim was coming to visit friends for the weekend. It became clear that God was working something here.

I flew from Austin Texas at 7:00 P.M. heading for Denver Colorado where I would change planes and head south to Phoenix.

On the flight from Texas, I had the opportunity to talk to a couple who had both left the Catholic Faith.

For about two hours, I had the opportunity to explain that the Catholic Church was crucial in following God's plan of Salvation.

I was able to explain the Eucharist and show this great sign as the foundation that all the previous covenants point to. I went from the Old Testament Covenants showing there is a connection from them to the Covenant Christ established as written in Matthew 26:28.

I was edified that they received what I was telling them with respect and it was a great discussion. I covered authority, miracles, devotion, and a whole lot of other related topics.

On my flight to Phoenix, I had the opportunity to speak with another fallen Catholic and this was interesting.

This individuals grandmother went to the Church that was holding the Mission and he was very interested in coming to the events at the Church. As you can see, I was already getting started on this journey!

I arrived in Phoenix just a few minutes before Dr. Thompson so I waited for him until he arrived.

From the airport, we rented a car and took off for one of his family members home where we were welcomed for the whole five days.

That was another example of a miracle as all our needs were taken care of. The hospitality we received by everyone throughout the week was phenomenal.

Thursday and Friday Dr. Thompson and I were at the daily morning Masses, we were praying the rosary and the Divine Mercy.

We were getting great support from the organizers of the event. It was like a mini retreat just in what was taking place before the weekend event.

Thursday, we were able to check out the layout of the Church, where the screen and proxima would be. St. James has a huge screen, what a great opportunity they have to host these kind of events.

Hal Pawlowski and his wife, Carolyn, invited us to go to a bible study that was drawing a lot of people and it was really great to go.

Of all the places we could have been this day, Mike Ruggieri's Mother was in the crowd there and recognized me from a pamphlet and we were able to talk for some time.

She planned to come with Mike to the weekend events and I was very happy about that.

Friday, the Parish held Eucharistic Adoration after Mass and it was at this point that we met Tim Francis for the first time.

Later after our prayer devotions, we all got together to introduce ourselves and layout our game plan. At 4:00 Dr. Thompson and I joined John Benko for our Friday evening radio show. That was a great show as we spoke about some of the anti-Catholic positions on free will.

Friday night, Dr. Thompson and I went to a fish fry at St. Stephens Byzantine Catholic Church and had the chance to meet Mike Ruggieri, another member of deepertruth who participates with the Ross Hoffman/Margie radio show on Tuesday evenings.

What a great time this was and Mike introduced us to a number of people in the Parish. We were given a tour of their Church and it is really beautiful. Saturday was very special because of the many parts that came together, it all began with Mass, very appropriate.

The music director wrote a song for the event and played music before the start of the event.

Dr. Gregory Thompson began the speaking event discussing the importance of opening up yourself to God and to allowing the Holy Spirit the opportunity to work.

He was specifically wanting to talk about our Lady. Dr. Gregory Thompson is one of the great speakers of our time. His background testimony, some of which he covered in this talk has inspired people all over the Country.

He brings in his testimony when he was a Superintendant of Schools in Southern Missouri, he was targeted by the ACLU for having a cross on his wall, for having a bible in his office, for having the Ten Commandments in the School.

The ACLU hired a single mother paying her $40,000 to lodge a complaint against the Ten Commandments.

The ACLU even went so far as to warn against praying over the food in the dining hall in front of the students?

Dr. Thompson was fired on September 8Th, our Mother Mary's birthday.

His talk was very moving, I can listen to him speak all day, what a great opportunity this was. I followed after Dr. Thompson speaking about the Eucharist.

I began with addressing the Old Testament Covenants, how they point to the final Covenant Jesus established at the Last Supper.

I looked at the original Passover and how the Mass was connected to this mysterious event. I wanted to show that the Manna God fed the Israelites in the desert, is tied to what Jesus revealed in John 6.

I discussed the John 6 bread of life discourse. I certainly wanted to share the New Testament where the Lord conducted the first Mass on Sunday and how the early Church continued this from the beginning.

I was able to get the people to go out deeper into the sea and cast their nets out to explore the deep mysteries of our faith. "Duc in Altum"!

This was one of Pope John Paul II's final exhortation to the people of God, to go out into the deep (Luke 5:4).

Following me was Tim Francis who presented his video showing the story and actual video of Eucharistic Miracles "Science Tests Faith".

"Blood & flesh in bleeding consecrated host, human DNA present, heart muscle present, white blood cells present" all reported by Ron Tesorieto and Michael Willesee.

Both these men had become "atheists" but after witnessing these miracles, these men now travel and go around the world giving their testimony.

Tim has put together a great program that will inspire anyone who breathes.

Included are the presentation of a bleeding statue and a lady with the stigmata.

What I thought was interesting is the scientific scrutiny conducted on the specimens and the reaction of the scientists. Very powerful and moving.

The next day (Sunday) began with Mass and a Rosary that had hundreds of people participate. That was spectacular!

We had a great time as people responded to the message of deepertruth and many signs were showing the positive results of people being moved by the presentation. The message primarily Sunday was for pro-life and that was very important as well.

Later that night, Dr. Thompson and I had the chance to speak before a large youth group about our backgrounds and our faith.

I was able to share some of my experience with the military and being deployed to Iraq. They were particularly interested in my being a Combat Medic.

Later that night, we were invited to visit with Edwin and Sherry Nunez who were friends with Tim Francis. What a great opportunity this was.

I had met Edwin Nunez Saturday night when they came to hear our talks. He was a Professional baseball play,recognized as the youngest player to be recruted in the Pro's.

He gave me a baseball card showing his picture with the Milwaukee Brewers. We arrived there about 9:00 that evening, and we talked until 04:00 in the morning.

They were practicing a Non-denominational church setting, but now they are interested in the Catholic Church!

From beginning to end, this was fast pace and many people were impacted for the Lord. As I took a flight going home to Austin Texas, it ends as it begun. I sat next to a fallen Catholic and had the chance to share Mary's peace plan from heaven with him.

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