Friday, October 7, 2011

Dan's pathetic response

Once again, my words are in Red, his are in Blue

Anyway, I ran out of time this morning so I won't be able to have as much fun with John's screw-up as I had hoped, but Benko's reasoning is blown to bits quite easily, whoever he is.

Lol this should be fun....watching this knucklehead trying to formulate a cogent thought...

He spends time trying to refute my syllogism by saying that each person's task depends upon the other person's task and therefore renders them "not alone".

First of all, let me explain to this knucklehead what a syllogism is because nowhere, in this long incoherent diatribe does he ever approach one.

A syllogism is a natural consequence that can be drawn from multiple, relevant facts. For example A= B and B=C, therefore A=C.

One of the greatest syllogisms ever, works like this.

Jesus is God
Mary is the Mother of Jesus
Therefore, Mary is the Mother of God.

To deny this is to look silly.

No argument he presents is a syllogism...nevermind a sound one.

In reality, he has established the perfection of God's salvation in the 5 Solas, not refuted it. Of course each task is dependant upon another, that is a given.

and this one simple fact refutes the assertion that any of these parts of the job are performed alone. Any attempt to suggest they are only succeeds in making him look more foolish.

A person is alone or he is not alone, in the same manner that a woman is pregnant or she isn't.

For there to be faith in a person's heart, one must have grace poured upon them, for one to know Christ, one must have the Scriptures, for one to take joy in the glory of God, one must be saved by grace through faith.


Again, where is the syllogism? He seems to like the word but has no clue what it means. A syllogism and an analogy are two very different things. Jesus actually uses both in the Scriptures.

Dan is actually not either using syllogistic logic or analogoustic logic. Rather, he is employing a type of fallacious device known as greedy reductionism. Since his feigned analogy falls flat, in the respect that everyone can see clearly that the one job-laying a concrete slab- is involving 5 persons working together (and zero persons working alone), he attempts to redefine each part of the job as a job in itself. In essence, he is trying to argue that 5 different people are acting separate and autonomous...and working together at the same time.

Anyone can see that what Dan is doing is attempting to redefine the situation into what it clearly isn't, rather than simple relay the truth of what is actually going on.

In doing so, Dan hopes to make the same false depiction of the unrelated issue- Salvation- by means of a false analogy. Anyone can see his argument breaks down on both sides.

The man finishing concrete is finishing concrete quite alone. If someone else puts their hand to his trowel, then he is not doing his task alone!

Again,we can see that this is a falsehood. Should the driver of the concrete not have arrived, there clearly would be no concrete to finish. The argument is pure foolishness. If you asked the neighbor across the street if the concrete finisher was working alone, he would obviously say no.

In all fairness, the Romanist is so brainwashed that he can't understand how something could work alone and be ALONG WITH SOMETHING ELSE.

In all fairness, the Calvinist is so muddled in his heretical mush that he cannot see the plain contradiction in his words. He is so wrapped up inside his own rhetoric that he sees what looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck and insists it's a kangaroo. It is quite simple. If one man is by himself, he is alone. If he is not, he is not alone. A 3rd grader can see this. He is so married to his deformed, satanic mush theology that he has to pretend to be an idiot to convince himself true what his very common sense denies.

That is why Reformed theology(authentic, Biblical Christianity) is so effective in standing against the onslaught of Romanism.

He keeps repeating this and yet he has never (and will never) produce a single line of scripture supporting his idiocy.

At the very least, the truth here presented in the 5 Solas, cause automatic red flags to go up in a Romanist's mind and he runs around like a chicken with his head cut off.

More hyperbole? more empty rhetoric? When is Dan going to actually make an argument? Oh, wait...he can't.....

What is happening in the very clear, unnassailable creed of the 5 Solas is that the pagan idolatry spoken of in the Bible more than any other topic is always exposed in those false systems which it is laid over against; such is the case with Roman Catholicism.

Unassailable, yet you still have not tried to defend it. Hmmmmm More unsubstantiated piffle, more hyperventilated blather, yet not even an attempt to defend his position on Biblical grounds. Kind of ironic for Mr. sola scriptura, yes? The fact is the "five solas" are so much theology garbage and you know it as well as I do, little man.

Of course, John's claim that all those doctrines of demons exposed by the Solas are actually real, and provable from Scripture, and the apostle's believed them...blah, blah, all hot air and couldn't stand for two seconds in the cleansing fire of God's holy Word.

and yet it is you who is too much of a coward to debate them. Interesting.

So for all this person's grandstanding and boasting in the fantasy of Romanistic falsehood, all we have is just another peeved antagonist, throwing stones at the impenetrable breastwork of God's strong tower of refuge.

Hrrumph Hrrumph Hrrrump. Don't confuse me with the facts! Calvin is my God! Calvin is my God!


Away with you, heretic. *shakes the dust from my feet as testimony against you*

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