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*BEST OF DTB #255* The Catholic Defender: Contraception

After I returned home after Mass, I turned on the television to see what was on the News.

I came home inspired to write an article covering Artificial Birth Control as our Priest, Father Downey gave an excellent sermon on the subject.

It is very refreshing to see a Catholic Priest taking on the social issues today.

I can't help but see this is positive and I know many Catholics are crying out for sound Catholic orthodox teaching to be given from the pulpit.

I locked on the Fox Channel to see any news updates.

I was watching Fox News when this debate ensued between Southern Baptist Dr. Richard Land and "Catholic" Jon O'Brian.

As I watched the debate unfold, I was struck how the Southern Baptist representative was defending the Catholic position while the "Catholic" was defending the Obama position?

Dr. Richard Land is the President of the Southern Baptist Convention of the Ethics of Religious Commission and John Obrian is the President of "Catholics" for choice.

During the debate, O'Brian was critical of the religious groups siding with the Catholic Bishops. Well, Mr. O'Brian, were is your support behind the Catholic Bishops?

There are times I might be frustrated because some Bishops have been silent on things. Communion for Pro-Abortion/Pro-Gay Marriage politicians come to mind, but to take offense of the Bishops for doing the right thing is a public scandal.

We need to pray for our Bishops and religious as they are under attack.

When I served in the Army, I was our Unit's CFC representative collecting the charitable contibutions for various causes. There are thousands of organizations competing for donations.

"Catholics for a free choice" is one of the organizations seeking donations through the CFC.

I feel that this organization is using the title "Catholic" to decieve Soldiers who see "Catholic" in their title who might donate money thinking they are Catholics in good standing with the Church.

They should not be allowed to advertize to Soldiers that they represent the Church and Catholic Values.

This is exactly the same situation with John O'Brian and "Catholics" for choice.

St. Paul warns that in the last days, there would be traitors to the Faith (2 Timothy 3:4).

Jon O'Brian views Artificial Birth Control as "American" as "Apple Pie"? I wonder what kind of "apple pie" he has been eating?

Dr. Richard Land was far more informed of the contrast between religious rights of conscience and a liberal fiat against the freedom of religion.

Mr. O'Brian actually sees the Catholic Faith's opposition to Contraception to King George III oppression of religious freedom. He fosters a freedom from religion in society.

So, if your a Catholic charity, hospital, or organization, and if you have employees, you have to offer them Abortion and Contraception free of charge as "medical care".

"Catholics" for choice is no more Catholic than "Catholics" for a free choice, which I think of them as the same thing.

They fall under what Jesus warns stating, "Whoever listens to you (The Catholic Church) listens to me (Jesus). Whoever rejects you (The Catholic Church) rejects me (Jesus). And whoever rejects me (Jesus) rejects the one who sent me (The Father).

I respect Dr. Richard Land who from my observing of him, is a man of integrity. He compared the Obama attack on the Catholic Faith with the Jews being forced to eat pork at a Jewish celebration.

Could you imagine the outcry if Obama wanted to force the Jews to eat pork, yet this is exactly what he is doing against Catholics.

Remember, the Obama Administration wants to frame the debate into women's rights vs religious rights. However, women can get Artificial Birth Control anywhere.

Women who were barren in the Old Testiment were seen as a curse. A child is seen as a blessing. There are examples when God blessed a woman who was naturally barren with a supernatural pregnancy.

Sarah (Genesis), Hannah (Samuel 1:1-20), Manoah's wife (Judges 13:2) and St. Elizabeth (Luke 1:13) are prime examples.

The killing of children are seen as tragadies (Jeremiah 31:15), as punisment (Isaiah 13:16-18), as a curse (1 Samuel 15:3). To kill an unborn child was evil (Exodus 21:22). Exodus 23:7 states, "You shall keep away from anything dishonest. The innocent and the just you shall not put to death, nor shall you acquit the guilty".

The foundation of the Old and New Testaments were that Marriage was supportive of the rearing of children.

In fact, it was not until 1932 that any group supported Artificial birth Control. Before 1932, all Christianity opposed ABC on Biblical grounds. The Anglican Church opened it's doors to Contraception.

Protestantism basically caved in for the secualar modernist progressive view and this sparked the Sexual Revolution.

The Catholic Church continues upholding this Apostolic Tradition and Obama seeks to force the Church to bend to his Progressive ideology. He wants to frame the argument into a "women's rights" argument, but this is not the real issue because any woman has total access to ABC.

The issue is that Obama wants the Church to subsidize ABC as part of "health care" as if pregnancy was a disease.

If your a Catholic who have in the past used Artificial Birth Control, Jesus healing of the paralytic man who was brought in through St. Peter's roof is an important grace.

Jesus has the power to forgive you no matter what you have done, and through the Confessional, instructs you to pick up your mat and go.

The Gospel of Matthew, Mark, and Luke describe this miracle to encourage us in our sin.

For me, this is what angers me about John O'Brian and Company who think that you can be a good Catholic and dissent from official Church teaching.

That is the wrong message to be giving to anyone. Jesus warns that all of us will stand before him in judgment and he is clear about those who call evil good and good evil. He is clear about those who cause a child to sin, and to cause others to sin. Those who push for Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Artificial birth Control will have to give account for themselves, but it will be much worse for those who "not only do these things, but give approval to those who practice them" (Romans 1:32).

I was just taking a break deciding to flip through the channels and what did I find? The 1948 movie, "Joan of Arc"! It was right at the scene when the French were storming the walls of "les Tourelles", an English stronghold. St. Joan was wounded in this battle but kept going to inspire the troops. St Joan's making it to the wall became the battle cry! Well Catholics, we must bring this fight to the wall!

Do we have renegade "Catholics" willing to trade their required loyalty to their Shephards for the promise of a political victory with Obama? Yes, unfortunately, Jon O'Brian reminds me of this fact this very day. Do we have some "Catholics" who are embedded with the enemy? Consider who burned St. Joan to the stake? It was a "Catholic Cleric" who was entrenched in political bed with the English.

We must submit to the sovereignty of God and His Catholic Church! To the Wall! This scene is really powerful. Of the Catholics today, which crowd do you stand, those who are loyal to the Church, to Jesus Christ? Or those who follow their own paths like the jesters in this scene? Again, to the Wall! If you ever get the chance to see this scene from the Movie "St. Joan of Arc, it is very inspirational as God performs a great miracle here. But You Tube placed this scene as "private"? So instead, I want to challenge you with another scene. Will you promise Deepertruth and God to stand against sin and give God your best, for his glory? Let this scene inspire you to do so because nothing is impossible with God!

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