Monday, February 18, 2013

Who was praying for Mindy? Who was fighting for Mindy?

This morning, I read of the suicide death of country singer Mindy McCready. Apparently, she shot herself. She was only 37.

Before this morning, I don't think I had ever heard the name. I am sure that I don't recognize the title of any of her songs. In short, Mindy McCready wasn't someone who meant anything to my life.

Then, I read the story. Mindy had two sons by two different fathers. The second father shot himself on the very porch where her body was found.

Beset by drugs and drinking and depression, Mindy's children were taken from her and placed in the horrific foster care system.

In a world beset with grief and calamity, Mindy apparently had no one on her side. There was no one praying for Mindy, no one fighting for Mindy- at least not enough.

Now she is gone. No, I did not know Mindy McCready, not in person, not on the TV, not on the radio. Yet, everyone who knows what it feels like to be all alone in the world, should say a prayer for Mindy today and for her family. We cannot know if she was beyond God's mercy. We can only hope and pray that she wasn't.

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