Sunday, September 30, 2012

* BEST OF DTB #219* My trip to Notre Dame

The majesty of this place is truly breath-taking. I found myself almost wishing I was starting high school again, with the hopes that I could one day attend this national treasure of a university.


I felt supreme joy that I was, at-last able to see this magnificent place and, at the same time, sadness for my family that they could not share it with me. I felt sadder still for the kids who are there who have no sense of what this place is really about.

The full name is Notre Dame du lac (Our Lady of the Lake).

On the grounds, there are two lakes, actually- Saint Joseph lake and Saint Mary's lake.

I have to admit that, walking these hallowed grounds, it seems impossible to me that this is where Obama spoke and Priests were arrested for standing up for life. To even comprehend such things fills me with inexpressible grief.

I can honestly say that walking the grounds of this place, I could not help but believe that the grace that still lingers here will one day grow and lift it back to where it once stood and should stand again. I found a sublime peace in that certitude. If I didn't, I don't know if I could stand what has happened to this place and the level of depravity of many who are now associated with this once sacred place. That Notre Dame can still attract a class act like Manti Teo has to give some cause for hope.

Images of Jesus and Mary are everywhere in this place but it is clear that many of the students here, fans and alums have no more class, honor or values than Florida State or Miami, schools that Notre Dame students used to deride but now, too often, emulate.

It is truly sickening that some students can come to a Notre Dame pep rally clad in their underwear and the administrators do not even take notice, much less action.

A pep rally, right in the shadow of the 'Word of life' mosaic (Touchdown Jesus). A pep rally where no prayers are offered, nothing to add to the spiritual edification of these young men.

Unfortunately, most of these sacred symbols are nothing more than lifeless decorations on a Christmas tree, in a room filled with pagans and hedonistic perverts.

I know. I belong to a Notre Dame football message board and I was shocked and stunned to find that most of the posters are hooligans and perverts who would shame any SEC school. Notre Dame was supposed to be something better and, for a long time, it was.

Now, Notre Dame is as rudderless and spiritually bankrupt as an other college in the country.

That is what sickens me. Kez McCorvey's famous words in 1993;
"I know all about Notre Dame, I know all about Rock Knutne"

were all too prophetic.

In a recent survey, only 15% of students said their spiritual growth was enhanced by attending this university. Most of them have no idea what the Alma Mater (Notre Dame, Our Mother) is even about. Thanks to Notre Dame's last moral coach, Charlie Weis, the players serenade the student section with this song at the conclusion of every home game. Most of those that do know what this song is about, don't care. What a crying shame that Our Blessed Mother stands atop the golden dome, looking over a university that has wholly rejected Her and Her Divine Son. What a shame that the team of Holtz, Leahy and Rockne is now being led by someone who exemplifies none of what Notre Dame stands for. The only time in my life I can honestly say I am ashamed of who is the coach of Notre Dame- a frothing, profanity spewing demoniac named Brian Kelly.

The thought of his purple-faced mug hanging one day here gives me a visceral physical reaction. Every college football fan I personally know says that he is an absolute disgrace to this storied team and I find it impossible to disagree.

Last year, two Notre Dame players threatened and assaulted South Bend, Indiana police officers and barely got a slap on the wrist. Can you imagine that it has come to this?

Has Notre Dame sold it's soul for football glory? No. It is even worse than that. Notre Dame has sold it's soul for far worse. If Notre Dame, Our Mother exemplifies the spirit of Charlie Weis, AD Jack Swarbrick's theme song is this one.

November of this year will mark 19 years since the last time Notre Dame;

  • Was ranked #1
  • Beat a #1 ranked team
  • Beat Michigan, MSU and USC in the same season
  • finished a season with fewer than 3 losses.
Yet, despite this continued mediocrity, Notre Dame ticket prices have soared as have parking, concessions and memorabilia. Meanwhile, concentration on marketing Notre Dame, the brand, to Washington, DC., California, Dallas, Chicago, Ireland and even China goes on unabated.


Here is a suggestion, Jack. Dress the team in red when we go there so we can match the Chinese flag, the blood of it's murderous regime and the stain on the history of Notre Dame. Shame on you for even considering such a move.

I guess the wearing of the green has been supplanted by the making of the green. Will the uniforms be made by children in forced labor? At least, the children that survive China's forced abortion policies?

How far you have fallen, Notre Dame.

From the school that was a refuge for persecuted Catholics to the school that is a refuge for Catholic persecuters.

Who can forget this monster not only giving the commencement address but receiving an honorary degree from Our Lady's university?

I cannot judge the heart of Father John Jenkins but I can say for certain, that this was the darkest day in Notre Dame's history and that Father Jenkins should have been removed from his position as President of Notre Dame for his allowing of this speech and for his persecution of the brave souls (including priests) who rightfully, and peacefully, protested this atrocity.

More than 70 Bishops decried this terrible event.

Was it a thrill for me to have my picture taken in front of the field where Notre Dame brought out the trojan horse and green jerseys against USC (1977)?

Where Pat Terrell knocked away the pass of #1 Miami's Steve Walsh and Shawn Wooden did the same against Charlie Ward and #1 Florida State?

Yes. It was a surreal and incredible feeling. To stand before this place and watch the team run out of that tunnel..... just amazing.

But Notre Dame is not who they were and it is about much more than wins. In order for Notre Dame to regain it's glory, it must get rid of Father Jenkins and Jack Swarbrick and Brian Kelly.

Donald and I spoke about this at length on the show last night.
Trumpets under the dome.

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