Friday, October 5, 2012

Obama administration blatantly cooks September employment books to salvage election.

If you believe the September jobs report then you believe Obama is a magician. Tonight, we will try to explain how 873,000 people magically found work in a month where only 104,000 private sector jobs were created. The jobs report that no one believes.... tonight on Deeper Truth.


  • At least 2 of the economists responsible for today's book cooking are big-time Obama donors
  • We are to believe 873,000 more people became employed in September of 2012. Is that out of step with previous months?  In August, the number was -119,000. In July it was -195,000. In June it was +128,000. In May, +422,000. In April, it was -169,000. In March, -31,000. February was 428, 000. January was 42,000. Are we seriously going to believe that an economy that slowed to 1.3% growth and produced only 104,000 private sector jobs suddenly put 873,000 more people to work? That number is more than double the next best month of the year and almost 14 times the average thus far this year.
  • Can we explain how 600,000 part-time jobs were created in September?
  • If 873,000 more people are working, why did the under-employment number remain unchanged at almost 15%?
  • If 873,000 jobs were added, why did the workforce participation rate rise by 1/10th of 1% to 63.6. That is mathematically impossible. The entire US population of 300 million people x 1/10th of 1% equals only 300, 000 people. We are to believe Sept employment jumped by 3 times that number?
  • Why is the participation rate actually more than 2 full percentage points lower than the day he took office? That is 6 million out of work people not even being counted!!
  • How is the unemployment number now the same as when he took office when it takes 150,000 new jobs per month to keep up with population growth? That would mean that just to stay the same, the Obama administration total employment number would have to have risen by 6,450,000 since he took office. In fact, that number has risen by less than 2 million. How can the Unemployment rate be the same when more than 4.5 million fewer jobs have been created to make that possible?
  • How could 6 million more people be in poverty and 15 million more on food stamps?
  • Why are scores of credible economists calling the numbers ludicrous with some calling for an investigation?
  • Economy would have to be growing about 4 times faster than it is for Unemployment to have dropped as much as the last year.
  • Pace of Job gains as well as the GDP have been slowing, not accelerating.

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