Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick takes Merry-go-round of life edition

--- 1 ---
This morning, I am contemplating two voids in my life- my Father, who died 4 days ago and my baby boy who died 15 years ago today. I think fondly of my father meeting my son in heaven. This has been a tumultuous week to be sure but it helps to know that all of this ends in joy if we simply hold fast.
--- 2 ---
I cannot help but be amazed how much my wife has helped me. What a rock she is. I could not have gotten past #1 without her.
--- 3 ---
This is the fourth time in my life that I have experienced waiting for a new Pope. Who ever it is, he needs to call himself Benedict XVII or John Paul III or John the XXIV or Linus II or even Henry the VIX I am.....anything but Peter. Further, find us a Pope from anywhere but Rome. I do not want to hear the conspiracy nuts.
--- 4 ---
You gotta admit, a Papal conclave during lent sure adds dramatic effect.
--- 5 ---
I am warmed by all the prayers and expressions of sympathy and support. Thank all of you so much.
--- 6 ---
I need coffee and a nap. Am I conflicted?
--- 7 ---
Quick take # 7 is realizing, after a full day, that you had only done 6.
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