Thursday, March 7, 2013


 Constitutional Rights Violated! Religious Discrimination!

A Connecticut woman, Andrea Cota Eigner files a multi-million dollar lawsuit for Religious Discrimination, a Violation of The United States Constitution. The Claim also includes Parental Alienation and Multiple Damages inflicted on all victims involved.

The claim has been placed on The State of Connecticut, 3 Family Court Judges, 2 Lawyers, a Doctor, and a Social Worker Company. Andrea was victimized and her rights were violated by the Middletown Family Court System in the attack on her Christian Catholic Religion and against her, in the taking of her son in Sept. 2008 through an immediate exparte motion. Her son was age 7 at the time, and is now age 12. Both have undergone countless inhumane treatments by the defendants in the case.

 The father no longer wanted to pay child support and worked the system to find a way to take the child from her, warning her just months before the exparte motion was granted, he was going to stop paying her child support, and she would see soon how he was going to do it. After her son was taken from her she was threatened to sign her son over to the father by the GAL/attorney, in a small side room in the court hall. After interrogating her 4 hours and attacking her Religious Beliefs the GAL threatened her, saying, she would never see her son again and they would put her away and drug her until she signed physical custody over to her son's father.

On Oct. 5th 2009, during a long awaited hearing another Judge also denied Andrea of her Constitutional Rights of Religious Freedom in the raising of her son in the Christian Faith. The Judge took offense when she recited the Laws of the Constitutional Rights regarding Religious Freedom and Discrimination. In the few years to follow she filed several motions to fight this tyranny, and more Judges continued to violate these Rights of The U.S. Constitution. In a recent hearing on Dec.17 2012, still yet another Judge denied her of Religious Rights in raising of her son. He told her, you can only see your son if you don't talk about God. She asked him if he realized he is in violation of the Constitutional Rights, as the others involved in this case for 4 years were. His reaction was not that of caring about The U.S. Constitution.

 On Dec.13th 2012, Andrea filed a Motion with the Federal Court in Hartford Connecticut, to obtain a Emergency Federal Relief Injunction, from conditions imposed by The State Court and by Additional Defendants listed on Complaint, violating her Constitutional Rights of Religious Freedom. Religious Discrimination... Middletown Ct. is just one of the many corrupt courts across America who are trafficking children, for nothing other than money and power. People in the United States need to become aware of the seriousness of this matter. If you are a victim of Family Court Corruption you can reach out to others and help our Nation by taking a stand in the fight to preserve Our Constitutional Rights.

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