Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Catholic Defender: Favorite Television Shows

We are known by the things we say, by the things we do, and by the things we love.

The past few years I have not been someone who watches many new sitcoms because of the liberal Hollywood influence that I feel they are pushing.

I think there is a definite tie between the liberal left in politics and Hollywood.

Because of cable TV I have the opportunity to bring back some of the old shows I loved growing up.

You can shop at any Cracker Barrel and buy many of the older shows! That's a great place to eat and shop around!

There was a valuable theme that ran prevalent in these shows. That good triumphs over evil, that even in an untamed west, there were men of valor. A generation of young men were raised on this growing up. Some of my favorites were:

Cheyenne was one of my favorite TV shows growing up. With the ability to remaster these great shows, it is like discovering them all over again. Recently, I spent some time with my Brother visiting and we both enjoyed this show.

My wife bought me all six seasons of Daniel Boone staring Fess Parker and I had the opportunity of watching this on my off time in Iraq.

Laredo was another of my Shows growing up. I loved the competition and the pranks they played on each other.

Who doesn't like Bonanza? Hoss and Little Joe? Excellent show!

Gunsmoke, the longest running western of all time. Great action pact drama.

These shows paid respect to religious people. Many times Catholic Priests (actors) appear in the shows and they helped instill the goodness in people in an untamed land. Things today are much different as Secularism is front and center. When religious people are portrayed, it is most of the time negative. Hense, the modern day Hollywood epic. Today there are great abilities we have to make good special affects but somewhere in the translation, it has become more vile, raunchy and indecent. Every now and again a good movie does arrive like "Blind Side", that's when we should remind the Movie Industry that these will sell! Remember this when you go shopping this year for Christmas. For a Soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan, buy an old movie or series from Craker Barrel and you might surprise them!

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