Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Catholic Defender: Eye of the Tiger II

June 10, John of deepertruth, will be debating anti-Catholic "Attack Cat" of parts unknown. The debate will be over Sola Scriptura.

The debate will be live on blogtalkradio that you find our other shows.

The challenger is coming to challenge the Catholic Church in a one on one debate.

John has accepted to take on the Protestant Attack Cat.

America Vs Parts Unknown

Catholic Vs Protestant

John is getting himself ready to defend the Catholic Faith in this must debate for the ages. Jimmy Z will moderate the debate.

Time to be announced! Come support John as the Attack Cat vows to Purrfectly defeat the Catholic Faith. Sola Scriptura, it is or it isn't!!!

Does this sound like a great debate? John is ready and waiting! He has the "Eye of the Tiger"!

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