Saturday, April 2, 2011

*BEST OF DTB #75* The Catholic Defender Meets Abby Johnson

Recently, Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood leader, published a book called "Unplanned".

This is basically her story and how she found her new faith.

This upcoming Easter Vigil, the one time head of the largest Planned Parenthood's Abortion Mill, will be received into the Catholic Church.

Abby Johnson gave her talk this past week here in Texas just right outside of the Fort Hood Area.

There was a large crowd there to hear her speak. Mrs. Johnson was very inspiring as she challenged us to pick up the battle against Abortion.

She lamented that few Pastors were speaking out against abortion from the pulpit. She gave the testimony how she grew up in a "pro-life" family, but abortion and the evil of it were seldom mentioned. She never heard it from the pulpit giving any kind of direction.

Mrs. Johnson reported that 78% of those getting abortions come from "Christians".

The need today is for people of good will to become more involved in the battle to save lives. The Pulpit should be a place where life should be preached. She did have some good information to report.

In the course of this past year there were 9 Abortion clinics closed down.

Here in Killeen Texas, there were 101 babies saved when the Mother who had planned to have an abortion changed their minds.

The Pro-life center which sits next door to the Abortion Mill reached out to 4300 women who were abortion minded.

It is interesting to note that while in the Abortion Mill they cannot refer to the child as a "baby".

The Abortion Mill places a value on the child. It is about $450 dollars.

Then it's cut down and gone. Coming soon to 247 cities across America, 40 Days of Life will renew it's plan to be out on the front lines to be a sign for life.

Mrs. Abby Johnson will be in Missouri next and Dr. Gregory Thompson of deeptertruth will be there to greet her.

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