Thursday, March 31, 2011

*BEST OF DTB #74* God's Girl: Choosing hell is optional

Choosing hell is optional Posted on March 31, 2011 by Jojo Freewill has been given to us, & will never be revoked. It’s OUR LIVES, & God will not stand in the way. We MAY choose hell, it’s one of our options.

This is my biggest struggle with God: Why, Jesus, do You allow us to crash our lives & choose devastation, for ourselves & for others?

Since our freedom is not limited unless we are imprisoned. If we do not keep ourselves in check, the law may be forced to. This is a tough one, & requires self mastery. The enormity of freewill. Based on this we can make one hell of a mess, or we can spare ourselves the agony. :) don't wreck your choice We’ve been given free will, God will never take it from us. Why do I feel so vulnerable with that?

Because I can really wreck things! This is where Faith comes in. What / Who do I place my trust in? My ability to sin / God’s ability to save, even before I mess up? Aha… I don’t need to have messed up before He saves me? No. Messing up is optional. I don’t always GET this. Do I trust that He WANTS to … or is it a case of ME not wanting to be saved? …from the pit? Do I LIKE the pit? No, but I like to be free to make the choice.

The CHOICE is yours, the choice is mine. Do not be afraid. We always get to choose. No questions asked. We have authority over our choices. There is no power struggle from God. He placed choice in our hands & the ball in OUR court. Believe the good news. This way, when we choose Good, it is real.

We have won a victory over death & destruction. smooth sailing God will not bar our way to hell, nor will He chase us into heaven’s gates.

He enlightens our minds so we may know good from evil, then stands back & allows us freedom of choice. He even helps us by Redeeming poor choice when we give it to Him to do so! But he will never impede our ability to choose a lie over truth. I feel Life really begun for me, then… when I chose His Way. I thought it was going to be boring!

It’s not what I feared, …it was Heaven! When I began to trust that His way lead to Life, :) My life became so much more interesting. It just seemed to sparkle! Looking back it’s as though my existence B.C. ( B4 Christ) was in dull tones of Grey, that suddenly burst into full bloom with dazzling hues as He entered my time & space with His Mercy & Majesty !

It was glorious! O the wonders that await in His Arms, where you smile much & Love exceedingly. The choice is ours. There is a way that leads to destruction & a way that leads to life. What’s YOUR CHOICE ?

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