Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Catholic Defender: Real American

After last nights defeat of Govenor Romey, I felt much like the air was taken out of the lungs. I bring back this article to represent that we must take a stand!

My Unit was deployed out in the field conducting a 30 day training exercise at Hohenfels (CMTC) Germany, a place that always seemed bad weather always awaited us there.

It was always nasty, gray, wet, always miserable. I remember one night my Platoon Sergeant needed to go into the main post to get some items and he wanted me to drive him in using one of our field ambulances.

While we were in the rear, we made a pit stop at one of the friends he knew that was stationed there. We were invited in for a few moments as they had some things to discuss.

I'll never forget that time we were there as AFN was showing Wrestle Mania 3.
I stood by the door when the announcer introduced Hulk Hogan who went through a massive crowd of 90 thousand fans screaming with "Real American" playing in the background.

That really was an awesome moment. Unfortunately we could not stay to watch the match. That was really the first time I had been exposed to the Hulkster.

I had an older Brother that wrestled in high school as well as a cousin both doing well in State competitions. My oldest Son Nathan went State two years in high school as well.

I never wrestled in a real environment, but I did have fun with my troops. I would usually take on three guys and either pin them or make them give.

This was long before I had heard of "Combatives".

Back at the field exercise, one day there were four female Soldiers who wanted to take a shot at pinning me.

One of them was a body builder and the other three were simply rambunctious. I was encouraged practically by my entire Platoon because they would really enjoy such a demonstration.

I did eventually cave in if for no other reason, to silence all the "Chicken imitations" going on.

Here we were, in the woods with some down time and I had these four ladies who were bent on defeating me. At first I was restrained because of what I thought were my limitations. That didn't last long as they were serious.

They hit me all at once and I had a struggle. One grabbed one leg, another went for the other leg, one went for my midsection as the other tried to get behind me.

I promise, I did not hit them, I wouldn't do that, but they sure took their shots. In the end, I got them!!!

When I was finally able to get three of them down where they could not manever it was over. This was the way it was way back in the day.

I really am thankful for the times we had defending our Country and at times, having a good time. Strength was always important to me and I put all that behind my faith as I wanted to dedicate all I have for the glory of the Lord.

That's why the song, "Real American" meant so much to me back in the 1990's. Putting together a video using this song was a lot of fun. I am so thankful to my Mother for her love for me giving me the foundation of my Catholic Faith.

All that I do for the glory of the Lord and His Mother, I do so in honor of my Mother.

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