Friday, April 27, 2012

A comment regarding last night's debate that was sent to the moderator's website

I have no idea where we are supposed to submit our comments. You gave your website so I am assuming this is where I can state my view. John Benko clearly won the debate hands down. Yes I am Catholic so there is naturally a bias, however I was an evangelical bible believing Christian for 27 years and what finally led me back to the Catholic Church was a huge amount of things I must say. It wasn't any one thing. The case with Mary for instance, Protestants say they go by scripture alone and after years of watching and hearing them I was surprised at how little they actually do go by holy scripture. Back to Mary, not once in all those 27 years did I ever hear a Protestant refer to Mary as blessed yet  in holy scripture Mary herself says that  all generations shall call me blessed. Interesting note from the New World Dictionary which is used in many colleges, its meaning for the word shall is should, indebted, obligated. So according to the dictionary 's interpretation of shall, all generations should and are obligated to call Marry blessed. My question is why don't the Protestants call Mary blessed is she has so commanded all Christians throughout the generations.  Also, your first caller questioned George on his statement that he made at the beginning of the show that he uses his own interpretation of the Bible which he did in fact say yet he danced around it which was disingenuise to say the least. What the caller wanted to know and which always alluded me when I was in Protestant Christianity and that is by whos authority  do we go by when it comes to the proper interpretation of scripture when there aare so many different denominations? Whos interpretation is correct? She asked if George's interpretation is infallible and I thought it was the most important question of the evening. I stand with the church who compiled the books of the Bible in the first place and that was the Catholic Church in th e 3rd Century. Thank you very much, I enjoy the debates
ps John Benko is sharper than a two edged sword I have learned alot from listening and I'm glad your back as moderator-you'll keep up the good work-this is so needed.

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