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The Catholic Defender: Tonights Peanut Gallery During Show

During the show tonight, here is what was happening at the peanut gallery.
Jackie Susanne I notice they dont read any scripture but only praise pope and cardinal history.
John W Henry Amen Jackie
Jackie Susanne John W. Henry can you believe this? theyre defending theyre graven images because the Arc had images of angels. sigh
John W Henry Unbelievable
Jackie Susanne Now they say Christians need to think OUTSIDE of the box. How about think in terms of SCRIPTURE ONLY! man!
Walter Coslovi Keep preaching brother John,I came out of the RCC because I saw what it was, pagan in every thing. It was set up in Rome instead of converting the pagans it joined them.

Jackie Susanne Darn, gotta p/u my husband at the train. John J Farina Ross & Margie are blind & I feel sorry for them. God bless you!

John W Henry Mocking the 2nd coming ...Mocking the rapture ...God help them

Sharon Dagenais Mocking judgement.. THEY are judging
Sharon Dagenais oh wow.. who is prosituting? wow

John W Henry John being warned about Judgment Day ...these people are so messed up and spiritually blind
John W Henry Hi Sharon ...
John W Henry Chick tracts are true

Sharon Dagenais Hi John.... they use wafers..

John W Henry Mocking Calvary Chapel ...OY Vey
John W Henry John isn't saved ...oh my gosh
John W Henry Yeppers Sharon ...the death cookie

Sharon Dagenais catholics are not saved.. they are NEVER asked about salvation
Sharon Dagenais Only about how much they can pay for a mass card

John W Henry mocking the KJV

John W Henry Sharon is signed in ...You go Girl
John W Henry 5 pople there and at least 3 of us are friends of johns (LOL)

Sharon Dagenais i want to blast them Hubby is x catholic is a mess

John W Henry They are ....It is Finished
John W Henry me too Sharon ...if we do they'll block us ...don't know what to do

Sharon Dagenais yeah

John W Henry They said there were 32 popes by 311 AD ...popery didn't even start until the 4th century

Sharon Dagenais right
Sharon Dagenais a bad cult

John W Henry Liars
John W Henry so deceived

Sharon Dagenais they are the ones judging

John W Henry doctrine of demons

Sharon Dagenais yes

John W Henry Yeppers ...we tell them the Truth
John W Henry no prayer for John yet ...guess he won't get out of purgatory for free
John W Henry OUCH ...what did she call us?
John W Henry toilet paper crew

Sharon Dagenais yes... i know catholics who would be applaud by this

John W Henry Pathetic, disgusting and Wretched unto others?

Sharon Dagenais they are awful

John W Henry True That Sharon

Sharon Dagenais WOW

John W Henry No ...they just kill 50 million people

Sharon Dagenais yep
John W Henrand those priests are not even saved

Sharon Dagenais this is sad.. such terible talk against Jesus.

John W Henry arrogant ...little brats ....only people in room are John's friends (LOL)
John W Henry notice how Mary was left out of conversation tonight

Sharon Dagenais lol they are so confused

John W Henry It is Sharon ...horrible
John W Henry She is Arrogant

Sharon Dagenais the catholic church was formed from the mason(brick worker) who hid in caves tunnels
Sharon Dagenais hence forth the masonic
Sharon Dagenais Jesus did not form the Caatholic church

John W Henry Jesus, James, Jude and Peter all called out false teachers

Sharon Dagenais yes

John W Henry and the journey ends with purgatory ...and they will never get out

Sharon Dagenais AMEN

John W Henry Heck no Sharon ...there were no catholics
John W Henry Amen Sharon ...much freemasonry in church of rome. Jesuits are evil

Sharon Dagenais yep

John W Henry These two are so hateful

Sharon Dagenais very.. UNHOLY

John W Henry going to a sinner to get sins forgiven
John W Henry ggo grief ....Apostacy!

Sharon Dagenais sad

John W Henry Thank God for Martin Luther

Sharon Dagenais AMEN

John W Henry They were not even considerate enogh to welcome you into the room Sharon. They probably know You're ANATHEMA (LOL)
John W Henry Oy Vey

Sharon Dagenais they are too self inguldge

John W Henry This is so awful ..makes me cringe

Sharon Dagenais upsettin my stomach

John W Henry Wish Gina was hearing this (LOL)

John W Henry Amen Sharon prayers for John (L

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Sharon Dagenais she would get booted fast

John W Henry how about Ignatius Loyala and pope innocent .....who started the Inquisition

John W Henry LOL

Sharon Dagenais flee from idol geeeeeeeeez

John W Henry It has to be so hard to be signed in and stay quiet (LOL)

John W Henry Thank God we are not in the so called true church .We are in the Real True Church

John W Henry pope is a socialist

Sharon Dagenais yes WE ARE the church,, whereever a few gather in His Name
Sharon Dagenais marxist

John W Henry Thank God's almost over
John W Henry Yeppers
John W Henry Giving out rosaries ...oy vey

Sharon Dagenais it is all coming to end times .. as Jesus told

John W Henry True That Sharon

John J Farina thank you for the updates.....I chose to treat myself to dinner and a movie instead.....I had a nice night....we will pick this up tomorrow.....thank you so much.....I love you, my siblings in Christ
a few seconds ago · Li

What did we learn from the Peanut Gallery tonight?

1. They love Sola Scriptura.
2. Some of them have left the Catholic Faith.
3. The call sacred objects "Graven Images".
4. They believe in the Rapture Trap.
5. They love Jack Chick.
6. The call the Eucharist the "death cookie and wafer".
7. Catholics are not saved?
8. Catholics pay for a Mass card?
9. Popery began in the 4th century.
10. the Catholic Church is a doctrine of demons, a bad cult.
11. The toilet Paper crew
12. Catholics killed 50 million people.
13. Catholics were founded by Masons.
14. Jesuits are evil.

These are the basic points of tonight's peanut gallery. I want to thank those who participated. Of the 14 points I pulled out, only one of them is basically true. That is number 11, John J. Farina and his group (by their own admission) are openly the Toilet Paper Crew!

"Arlene Michelle Hey Johnny...there's an OLPH church just around the block...come on - meet me tonight and we'll TP the Mary statue out front! (iI've always wanted to do well as knock that Dagon hat off the Poop...).  I respond to this in my article for this show.

The truth of the matter is that the Catholic Church is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ and commissioned by Christ to go to all the nations. 

Just a few thoughts: We did not "praise the pope and cardinal history".  We asked the first 32 Popes to pray for us as a litany of saints.  That was very unique which I had never seen before.  This was good.  Then I gave some interesting facts concerning some of the foundations in the Church that they instituted.

We shared a lot of scripture, all based from the Old and New Testaments.  Anyone who listens in will be able to see this.  Yes, we do not believe in Sola Scriptura.  This is a man made development which began with Martin Luther.  Only the Catholic Faith has the foundation as it is the "pillar of fire, pillar of truth".

As Catholics we believe in the Ten Commandments, Martin Luther split the first Commandment into two and that is why they oppose statues.  Protestants mistranslated Exodus 20:4 causing much confusion.  In fact, God instructs Moses to place angels on the Arc of the Covenant in Exodus 25.  In fact we show that God reinforces the use of statues (1 Kings 9:1-3).

The Rapture is a man made development beginning in Holland in the 1830-40s by the Ana-baptist there.  It is based from a dream of a little girl, something that has no bases in the scripture or the apostolic tradition.  In other words, nobody knew about this rapture before then.  it did not nor does it ever exist (Gal 1:6-9).

Jack Chick has already be shown to be based in lies in regards to the Catholic Faith (Christianity Today).  People will believe anything they hear against the Church without much investigation, if any.  All you have to do is Google things anti-Catholic and there you have it.  They simply continue to pass around such myths, misconceptions, forgeries, and outright lies.

The Eucharist is not a "death cookie" but rather "The Bread of Life".  To deny the Eucharist is to deny Jesus Christ.  Unless you receive the Eucharist, Jesus said, "This is the bread that came down from heaven.  Unlike your ancestors who ate and still died, whoever eats this bread will live forever."

Catholics are saved as they are on journey.  The real issue is that we do not believe in the false man made doctrine, "Once Saved Always Saved".  This is another development of the Protestant Reformation.  Christians can loose their salvation if they choose to turn away from the Faith.  It is important that they come back (James 5:19-20).

I've been a Catholic for more than 50 years, been all over the world, know hundreds of priests, I guess I am in the dark about a "Catholic card"? I'm not sure what this is.  We Catholics do have a calling card, we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses so heaven is right here with us.  Jesus Christ is the Mediator between God and man, this is our calling card.

The Papacy was founded by Jesus Christ, by the 4th century there were 32 Popes who were already in the history of the Church.  St. Sylvester I was the Pope when Constantine came on the scene.  In fact, this was the litany we used in the show.

The Pharisees from Jerusalem said that Jesus "is possessed by Beelzebub (Satan) and By the prince of demons he drives out demons."  Why should we be surprised that they will say the same thing about Jesus Christ's Church? Jesus said, "Remember the word I spoke to you, No slave is greater than his master.  If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you." John 15:20

The Catholic Church did not kill 50,000,000 people, the most you can say that were killed by the Inquisition in a 600 year time period is between 5,000-6,000.  It was not the Catholic Authority who put these to death, it was the civil authority who was acting on the laws of the time.  With the fall of Rome the gospel became the foundation of law throughout Europe.  Heresy was against the law.  One thing the anti-Catholics will not tell you, 9 out of every 10 people brought before a Tribunal were acquitted

As a side note, Pope Innocent was not the one who launched the inquisition.  The inquisition began with King Ferdinand II (1231) of Italy who was going after those who were threatening the throne.  What the Pope did was in 1232 created the tribunal to protect those being accused of heresy.  Giving the accused to have a voice, to give them a chance to explain themselves and face their accusers, and to be forgiven.  Were there abuses, sure there were, but over all, it helped save Europe.  What anti-Catholics include in their high numbers is the result of the Black Plague, Starvation, disease.  

The Catholic faith was founded by Christ, the Masons are not part of the Church.  It is a grave sin to be part of the Masons.  Recently, a priest was defrocked after learning of his involvement with the masons.  Jesus was not a mason.

The Jesuits were founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola who did many great things in proclaiming the gospel in the far east and in the New Americas.  They were the strong right arm of the Church for a long time.  They are not evil, they are one of the religious orders in the Church.  Today, there might be problems as some of them have rooted themselves in "liberation theology" in South America.  They were chastised by Pope John Paul II when he was there.  

Again, these are small nuggets, I want to thank the peanut gallery for their participation. 

Here is the show in case you missed it.

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