Monday, October 7, 2013

Fight it out

That period of time when you feel so isolated, so alone, so marginalized that you simply cannot find anything to say. You open your mouth and can make no sound. You feel like you can barely breathe. You are so mired in quick sand you cannot move, so weighed down by problems or regrets that you cannot even get up.

I wish I could say that there is a simple answer to these crises of faith. I wish I could say there is a pill you can take, a prayer you can make, an emotion you can fake that will take you through these times in the spiritual days in the desert but the truth is, as the song so eloquently puts it:

"That precious book you clutch so tightly in your hands, won't help you sleep at night and iron out your plans"

This song has long been one of my all-time favorites because it gets to the marrow of the matter. These bouts of depression and anxiety (which was basically the theme of this whole album) are assaults on us, by the enemy.

     There are some who say that it is biological and that a certain medication may help. There are some that say it is environmental and that it is only natural that you sometimes feel as you do because of circumstances beyond your control. Others say it is just feelings and you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

     Though medicine may offer assistance and you may, indeed, not have caused all of the problems in your life, the largest cause is spiritual. Yes, it is emotion that you are feeling and it can be paralyzing. It is not simple to overcome it. Sometimes, it can be very, very difficult.

     It is during those times when you must fight the hardest. You are in a spiritual war and the enemy must be resisted. By the power of prayer, the sacraments, forgiveness, repentance and grace. You must fight to vanquish despair and reach for hope. You simply cannot give in or give up.

You've gotta fight it out, with your heart.
You've gotta fight it, though it tears you apart.
You've gotta fight it out, my friend.
You've gotta do it for yourself, and you've gotta say when.

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