Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Catholic Defender: Going Back To Springfield

This coming week I will be flying to Springfield Missouri to participate in the second annual Marian Conference.

What a great opportunity this is to meet so many people who will be coming from many parts of Missouri and Arkansas.

This conference will be held at Holy Trinity Catholic Church located at 2818 E.Bennett St.  Springfield Missouri, 65804.  (October 26-27)

There is no cost for the event and it all begins with registering beginning at 7:15 A.M. followed by Coffee and donuts.  The Rosary begins at 8:00 A.M.  We have a lot of great speakers and topics that will be highly interesting.

Deepertruth will have a booth at the event and we will have two speakers at the event, myself and Dr. Gregory Thompson.  If anyone is available, I want to invite you to this conference which is sponsored by the Springfield-Cape Girardeau Marian Association.

I was meditating on something that St. John writes in Revelation 12:17.  He states, "Then the dragon went off to wage war against the rest of her (Mary's) offspring..." 

Now at first glance, who are these offspring that St. John is speaking of? Could this be James, Joses, Judas, and Simon (Mark 6:4)? No, it wouldn't specifically refer to them because these Brothers were actually cousins of Jesus, close relatives who were regarded as brothers.

Then who are these offspring of Mary that St. John is speaking of? St. John answers this question himself continues writing, "those who keep God's Commandments and bear witness to Jesus".

King David actually writes of this in the Psalms in a state of prophecy he writes referring to Jesus "You love justice and hate wrongdoing; therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellow kings."  This is a description of Jesus who King David recognized as "God".  He did not have the revelation of the Trinity so he uses language to show his understanding, "therefore God, your God" refers to the relationship between the Father and the Son.

Then Psalms 45 takes a turn from this anointed one to a Queen.  Psalms 45:10 refers to the Queen arrayed in Ophir's gold who comes to stand at your right hand.  This is important in identifying who this Queen really is.

1 Kings 2:12-20 gives the story of Bathsheba who was the mother of King Solomon.  King Solomon in the middle of council, when his mother appeared to see him, Solomon stood up to meet her and paid her homage (honor).  Then he sat down upon his throne, and a throne was provided for the king's mother, who sat AT HIS RIGHT HAND.

The Queen spoken of by King David in Psalms 45 is the Mother of the anointed one whom David called "God".  Of this Queen, David writes, "The throne of your fathers YOUR Sons will have; you shall make them princes through all the land."

Those "sons" that David is speaking to are the same "offspring" that St. John is speaking to.  Who are they? "Those who keep God's Commandments and bear witness to Jesus", this includes us!

While serving as the NCO of one of the Fort Campbell Troop Medical Clinics, I was in the pharmacy when during sick call one morning when this stranger shows up to the front desk.  He was looking for me in particular and wanted to challenge me about Mother Mary.

I did not know this gentleman nor had I ever seen him before, but he obviously has me in his sights.  He asked the room full of people waiting to be seen where he could find me.  I stuck my head through the window bars at the pharmacy to see what was going on.

When he wanted to challenge me about Mary, I quickly took him to the side and instructed him to go to his car and I would be out there in about 15 minutes until I was able to get a quick break.

This stranger quickly went out the back door to the parking lot.  I did not want this happening where my physical physician or Doc would come out wondering what was happening here.  Some of those on sick call thought I had brought this guy in for entertainment.

I did go out to speak with him and from his bible, I showed him how Mary was his mother and that following weekend, he was going to Sunday Mass with us!

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