Friday, April 12, 2013

The Catholic Defender: A small group of Obnoxious Protestants

Editors Note: (George Lujack has been seen at McDonald's, be ware) Now back to the regular programing. Last year while Dr. Gregory Thompson and I were meeting Senators at the Jefferson City Capital Building, I happened to run into the chief attorney representing the ACLU.

I informed him that we would be butting heads if I had the time to hang around. I told him that in America, we have the right to practice our faith in public.

Considering what the ACLU did to fight Dr. Gregory Thompson and many others across America, I was not to sympathetic to his cause.

I would find out from one of the Senators that this guy also represented the Westboro Baptist group that protest at the funerals of Soldiers killed in action and little girls who are shot by murderers.

I did not know that when I spoke with him and he escaped me after that. There are right ways to take a stand for God and there are wrong ways. The following is an example of a wrong way: When you see this video, it is interesting that the Protestants were the ones who were filming the scene they were creating making themselves look bad.

Editors note, these obnoxious Protestants were disrupting an out door Mass as people were trying to listen. Can you imagine what it would sound like if Catholics were to barge in to disrupt Protestant services? These people do not know Christ nor do they no how to be Christ-like.

These people attacking the Catholics at Mass are in truth voice pieces of the evil one spouting out lies and misinformation about the Church. They make charges but cannot back anything up. Notice they do not even try. Their purpose here was not to show Christian love by example, but to bring hate and sow anger.

Sometimes the most anti-Catholic people out there are fallen away Catholics. Pray for them, like Saul's attack on Jesus Christ in the earliest years of the Church, these people are doing the same thing today.

I want to point out that most Protestants love the Lord and would never think of such action. What these people were doing was taking pot shots at Catholics, at the Pope and Jesus Mother. They were trying to get a rise from Catholics. I thought that over all the Catholics held themselves in check very well.

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When people like this come to disrupt for the purpose of picking a fight, it only makes me wish I could have been there. By comparison, I recommend the following:

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