Sunday, February 26, 2012

* BEST OF DTB #143* Christie hits the big time!

In what will surely be a mortal wound to her humility, Deeper Truth Blog and show contributor Christie Martin will be a Monday (Feb 27, 2012) guest on Gus Lloyd's Seize the Day show on Sirius XM; The Catholic Channel.

If you are not fortunate enough (we are! we are! we are!) to have Sirius XM (I have it in my car, on my computer and on my cellphone), I will see if we can get an mp3 copy of it.

There is a link to Gus Lloyd's website on our website, which I am just certain Christie will plug on the show (shameless hint). I am a frequent listener of Gus and I have called in many times. His show is my favorite Catholic channel program.

On behalf of all of the members and fans of Deeper Truth, a heartfelt congratz to Christie! Also, make sure you frequent Her blog!

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