Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Catholic Defender: A Johnny Cash Tribute

I have always enjoyed the music of Johnny Cash. I remember my Mother bought me his album, "Bitter Tears" when I was a child.

I had the chance to see Johnny Cash in Kansas City in 1971 along with the Statler Brothers, the Carter Family (to include Mother Maybell Carter), Carl Perkins, and the Tennessee Three.

That was an excellent concert. He recently had number one songs, "Daddy Sang Bass", "A Boy Named Sue", and "If I were a Carpenter" with June Carter Cash.

By this time, Johnny Cash was growing in his faith. Johnny Cash was a Patriotic American, I remember he had a segment on his hit show, "The Johnny Cash Show" which aired on ABC in 1970, was a huge success. He always had an American theme, something to share the greatness of our land.

It was certainly ahead of it's time in it's production and creativity. Many of the best artists from the various musical fields such as Merle Haggard, Ray Charles, CCR, Neil Diamond were show cased on the show.

I have a movie that Johnny Cash starred in along with Kirk Douglas that is called "A Gunfight", my Mother took me to see this movie in Kansas City.

In those days, (1971) outdoor threatres were very popular. You would park next to a speaker that would be placed on your window.

Before the movie we would play up at the front of the park where they had a childrens playground. Those were the good days...

Johnny Cash is truly an American icon who overcame the abuse of legal drugs, alcohol, reckless living who surrendered to the Lord.

Recently, the sad news of Whitney Houston who apparently died of drug abuse. She had amazing talent that she was graced with and how tragic is the news of her death. May the perpetual light of Christ shine upon her now and forever.

Bill O'Reily of the "Factor", has been coming out promoting the media to take a stand against drug use. That the media can be more responsible in warning against drugs.

Johnny Cash was very close to this himself, but through the support he recieved from June Carter, he was able to see the Lord.

That is a great lessen for people to learn, especially Catholics who have left the faith. They can come home!

I am going to share a video of Johnny Cash's song, "Ragged Old Flag", I was privileged to see him perform this live in Springfield Missouri.

This is a powerful song, in it, please notice President Obama's posture in the pictures.

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