Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Let me get this straight. I have a debate tonight, then work all day tomorrow (Saturday), then get my suit dry-cleaned for an interview 60 miles away on Monday, Then spend all day Sunday studying for said interview, and that is all if the Doctor's office will ever take me off hold, so I can cancel Monday's doctor's appointment, so I can go to the interview? Calm down. Breath slowly....

By the way, if you are my current employer, that part about a job interview...'s a typo...I mean, it's out of context....I mean.....
--- 2 ---
Ok. I'm like a big-time Notre Dame fan and I was a Tommy Rees fan. This kid assaults a police officer and they are already talking about how quickly he will return to the team?

I have an idea!

How about.....


Coach Brian Kelly is holding on to the very last bit of credibility he has running Our Lady's team. If Rees and the other player are not let go, he needs to be.

--- 3 ---
The tragic suicide of Junior Seau was hard enough but did we really need to see his grieving mother crying "God, take me?". Good grief are there any journalistic ethics left? That was just about the lowest I have seen in a while.

I am reminded of the song Dirty Laundry
We got the bubble-headed bleach blond that comes on at 5,
She can tell you 'bout a plane crash with a gleam in her eye,
It's interesting when people die!
Get us dirty laundry!
--- 4 ---
Last night, my wife yells "Will you please calm down!?" and I yell back "No, I will not!". What had me in such rage? .I could not get on the internet. As is usually the case, I was bailed out by a 21 year old. *sigh*

I think I need a drink.
--- 5 ---
No. I did not lose 20 lbs eating Acai Berries. I don't even know what they are. My Twitter was hacked. Which leads me to a deeper thought. If I could somehow get in a time machine and read the last two statements to my 21 year old self, I should wonder how I would react to statements about Internets and Acai Berries but I am really sure warning myself that my Twitter would be hacked would evoke a very visceral reaction.
--- 6 ---
When I was a kid, we played outside by throwing dirt clods at each other. Now, my 11 year old niece has a smart phone and kids are live chatting and voice chatting on RPG's using kinex and X-Box. I don't even know what that means but I am astounded that most of those same kids cannot write the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog without at least 4 misspelled words, even with a spell-check right on the device!

--- 7 --- 
Today's unemployment rate dropped because the participation rate is the lowest it has been since 1981. Let me put that in straight speak. So many people have been out of work for so long that they are not even counted. If enough of these un-people cannot find the un-jobs that are out there, for long enough, our government will claim a workforce of 5 and an unemployment rate of zero. What delicious irony this is. The worse off the people get, the better it looks for the very people who are making them worse off.

Only in America.

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