Friday, May 4, 2012

Tonight and beyond on the Deeper Truth Debates

There remain 3 debates in the Deeper Truth Blog debate series, thus far there have been 7:
  1. The Trinity
  2. Mary's "other children"
  3. The Sabbath Day
  4. The Immaculate Conception
  5. Sola Scriptura
  6. Sola Fide
  7. Alleged Catholic worship
Three remain.
  1. Peter as the Rock (Matthew 16:13-19)
  2. Infallibility
  3. The Eucharist
Tonight's debate on Peter will kick off at 8:00 PM Eastern time right here.
The call-in number is 646-595-2071
If you wish to participate in the chat room, you must register beforehand at blog talk radio.

Friday the 11th will feature John Benko vs George Lujack on Papal Infallibility.
Friday the 18th, it will be Don Hartley vs George Lujack on The Eucharist

Friday, May 25th is tentatively, our wrap-up show.

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