Friday, May 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Ok. Lord, I get it. It is not that I am unwilling to submit to your will, it is because I an unable to. Why? Because I seem to want to go out into the boat while still holding on tight to the peer. Thank you to my friends Christie, Margie, Donald and Ross and to my wife Tamara for applying needed 2 x 4 to head. Now I can start the work of prying my stubborn fingers from the dock.
--- 2 ---
In the shameless promotion Quick Take, I would invite you all to make sure and listen to my brother-in-Christ Donald Hartley defend the doctrine of the Eucharist tonight.
--- 3 ---
Recently, I found myself walking at night, through MacArthur Park. Heaven knows why. On the edge of the park I heard something On the Radio when my wife called me from work. She works hard for the money but I told her to cheer up. No more tears (enough is enough). She was complaining about her boss who thinks she is Hot Stuff, and all of her minions, and I guess she felt a little under-appreciated. I told her don't despair, I Love to love you baby and I feel love will carry you through this, no matter what all those Bad Girls say about you.

That's the thing about Summer nights, isn't it? Nothing left to do after the Last Dance but Dim all the lights and go home. I feel like part of my past just died.

--- 4 ---
I read a really interesting article this week about Birthdays. This is really neat stuff. It seems that the two most common days to be born on are within 8 days of each other on September 9 (#2) and September 16 (#1). My birthday (September 10) is #9 and the birthday of my youngest daughter (September 20) is # 15 and my son's (September 22) is #5. The top 10 all fall between September 9 and September 24 and the month accounts for 13 of the Top 15 overall. Apparently, this is logically connected to a lot of Christmas eve and New Year's eve know.

Also logical is that Feb 29th ranks 366th, as it occurs only once every four years.

Quite curious indeed is that, excepting the obvious leap exception, the three days with the lowest chance of birth are, in order;
  1. Christmas Day (December 25)
  2. New Year's Day (January 1)
  3. Christmas Eve (December 24)

--- 5 ---
Apparently, in 1991, Obama was a truther! I'm not sayin', I'm jes sayin' You know what I'm sayin? I thought anyone who suggested Obama was not born in America was a nutball? I gotta say, Andrew Breitbart's death is looking more and more suspicious to me every day, I cannot lie. Call me a nut if you must.
--- 6 ---
I don't know if the story here is of religious persecution or of religious courage in the face of persecution. Here is what I do know. Here are students dedicating their lives to understanding the mind of God and His will for humanity that better not ever get sick because they have no health insurance.

The freedom of religion sacrificed on the altar of free sex. What a shame.
--- 7 --- 

Finally, a low calorie Slurpee. How can you improve on that? I submit that you cannot.

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