Monday, December 24, 2012

*BEST OF DTB SHOW #239* No one can say "Merry Christmas" without honoring the Catholic Church

It is a documented fact that nowhere in Scripture is recorded the word Christmas (which actually means Christ Mass). Nor is it explicitly stated that the event we commemorate occurred on December 25th.

Both of these facts grew from the Holy Spirit's revelation to the Catholic Church and history.

We now know, as historical fact that Jesus was, in fact, born very close to December 25 if not on the exact day (and the evidence for the exact day is quite compelling). We also know that the Christ Mass was celebrated at least as far back as 125 AD under Bishop Telesphorus of Rome. That is almost 270 years before any Bible was ever made. Without the Catholic Church, no protestant today would ever have even heard the name Jesus, much less celebrating His birth.

The point is that should you ever encounter a Christian who claims to follow the 'Bible alone', and celebrates Christmas, they are a walking refutation of their own dogma. It is sources outside of the Bible (such as the historical record of what courses were actually serving in the Temple and the records of Josephus) that allow us to know that Jesus was actually born on December 25th.

So, if you celebrate Christmas, thank a Catholic. We did it for centuries before you.

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