Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Catholic Defender: Deepertruth contributions

We are dawning into a new year and I want to give some recognition to some of the great things deepertruth has done.

The first recognition I want to give is to the fans and followers of deepertruth.

Through your support and prayers, we have accomplished much in the way you have responded to the spiritual needs of people asking for help.

Your support of the Rosary Patrol and the Rosary Patrol facebook page estimates over 5,000 participating prayer partners on the Monday night Rosary/Divine Mercy devotions.

Another 200,000 Rosaries through the daily devotions through facebook.

I am personally humbled by this kind of support and devotion. The Lord has given so much through all of this as prayers have been answered.

I want to recognize John Benko for his contributions this past year improving the deepertruthblog website, writing 189 articles and doing a fantastic job in the public debates.

Through his efforts, our whole message has been improved taking us to a much larger audience.

According to American Catholic, an internet think tank, they estimated that the work we are doing along with "Catholic Answers", "Defenders of the Catholic Faith" (DCF), and "Catholics Come Home" that nearly 90,000 fallen away Catholics have returned back to the faith in Arizona this past year.

John's expertise and experience on Blogtalkradio has led the vast improvement of the deepertruth radio show. What a great opportunity this is and how pleased the Lord is with this effort.

Dr. Gregory Thompson, Deepertruth's "Man of the Year" last year, continues to be a strong loyal subject following the Lord with all he has got!

This past year he was important in the pro-life rally at the Jefferson City State Capital Building.

He was able to have Alan Keyes give the keynote speech for the rally. Ambassador Keyes also appeared on the deepertruth radio show as we continued in the week long rally.

 Dr. Thompson also organized the first Marian Conference held in Springfield Missouri. His weekly contributions to the Deepertruth radio show, the many hours spent praying at abortion clinics, speaking at churches promoting the Divine Mercy and Eucharistic Adoration, all gives glory to the risen Lord and His Mother.

Ross Hoffman, a convert to the Catholic Faith, has become a great apologist defending the Catholic Faith.

He is like a lion for the Lord on facebook and has developed a strong following in the world of the internet.

 He has also been out on the sidewalk doing sidewalk counseling for the Catholic Church.

 He has been an important team member and co-host with deepertruth member Margie Sindelar on the Tuesday evening radio show, "The Catholic Roundtable".

Ross's inspiring trip to the Holy Land with Catholic Apologist and friend Steve Ray was quite notable.

Conducting the radio show live from Jerusalem was fantastic and the recent trip to Rome with Margie Sindelar and family was a great Christmas event for all of deepertruth.

Margie Sindelar is the co-host with Ross Hoffman on the "Catholic Roundtable" and over the past year conducted many excellent shows.

Margie is also a noted defender of the Catholic Faith in the internet along with Deepertruth teammate, Ross Hoffman.

Her recent trip to Rome was a great Deepertruth event and through this experience, she will be providing great Catholic apologetic s.

Margie's support of Deepertruth coming on live on other Radio shows was a great contribution.

She has written and provided a number of articles for deepertruth, she has great incite and we hope to see many more great articles this coming year.

Christie Martin, her show, "Garden of Holiness" on Wednesday Evening, is one of Deepertruth's most popular series.

Christie is a Convert to the Catholic Faith and through her experience, she has developed into a great Catholic Apologist.

 Her articles on Deepertruth always is very timely and well written.

 Her contributions with the Rosary Patrol along with her family, how wonderful this is.

Richard Lane, a new comer to Deepertruth, continues to conduct Missions filling up Churches all over the United States.

We will be following more closely the contributions of Richard as he provides great apologetics and talks on the Catholic Faith.

He was a participant this past October at the Marian Conference held at Springfield Missouri.

Richard was among a short list of Catholics recognized as the most prolific Catholic Speakers of the year along Steve Ray of "Defenders of the Catholic Faith", friend of Deepertruth.

Russell Ford, one of the newest members of Deepertruth, known for his conversion to the Catholic Faith while serving 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

 Russell gave his story live on Deepertruth and how powerful this is. His story has been featured on other Catholic outlets, he was also a major keynote speaker at a Catholic Marian Conference held in Kansas City Missouri.

 Deepertruth will be following Russell Ford more closely this upcoming year.

Tim Francis is another member of Deepertruth who has been out doing Catholic Missions promoting Eucharistic Adoration through the miracles of the recent Eucharist Miracles taking place in Latin America.

He has been attracting large Catholic crowds with a lot of enthusiasm for the Faith.

It was great to participate with Tim as a keynote speaker in Arizona this past year.

Deepertruth will continue to follow the progress of Tim Francis as he continues to conduct his Missions across the Country.

Tim also has participated with Dr. Gregory Thompson doing Missions in Missouri.

Not only is Eric Genuis one of the most talented musicians of deepertruth, he is one of the most talented musicians in the world.

He is an accomplished pianist and song writer going across the United States performing for large crowds.

What a voice for the Lord using art inspiring people the world over. An example of this was this past November when he came to Copperas Cove Holy Family Catholic Church.

After the Concert, an 8 year old girl who was touched by Eric Genuis and his group of talented performers, came up to play the piano and what a joy this was to family members.

The influence of Eric and his music will continue to motivate deepertruth and audiences for years to come.

This past year, we lost one of Deepertruths most devoted members, David Nunez, he was a great friend and partner of Deepertruth.

David passed away and was taken by Our Lord where he can participate more fully with the mission of the Church and Deepertruth.

He was a daily member of the Rosary Patrol, devoted to Our Lord and Our Lady.

 He had joined a Religious Order to live a deepertruth life of prayer and devotion.

Together, we organized events for the Fort Hood Community such as Eric Genuis and John Michael Talbot performing live at Fort Hood.

He helped me with performing for the Senior Citizens in Copperas Cove.

David's contributions for Deepertruth will be missed, but we know that his participation with the Lord makes Heaven just a little more special.

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