Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Protestant deformation

Protestantism is a man-made system of religion that keeps growing and expanding into ever-more variations of error and heresy. The entire crux of this system rests on one blatant and easily refuted lie. That lie is that what occurred on October 31st, 1517 was a reformation of the church. At the core of the word reformation is the prefix re which means to go back to something.

Examples include Regenerate or Retrace or Reverse or Restore.

What happened in 1517 was not a reformation because it did not Restore a previously existing order of theological thought. What happened in 1517 was, in fact, a deformation because it created a novel and deformed version of Christianity that actually deformed the very pillars that held the Christian religion up.

Notions such as Faith Alone and Scripture Alone were not only novel but are, in fact, expressly refuted by Scripture. James 2:24 explicitly teaches that Justification is not by faith alone and 2 Thessalonians 2:15 teaches that we are bound by whatever the Church teaches either by spoken or written word.

Protestantism, at it's core, held that each person can decide for himself what he wishes to believe and who he wishes to follow. This, of course, was the sin that caused the earth to open beneath Dathan and Miriam.

Since 1517, protestantism has only multiplied it's heresies and expanded it's unbiblical inventions, each time insisting that the early church believed what they just created out of thin air.
The Rapture is a perfect example. The result of a young girl's dream, it has absolutely no support in Scripture. In fact, it is refuted by the very verses cited to support it. There is no evidence whatever of any Christian believing in this nonsensical doctrine prior to the late 1800s. The same is true of Zionism and the silly evangelical notion of being ''born again''. The historical record proves- beyond any doubt- that the Church of the Apostles, and every one after, understood that being "born again" or being "born of water and spirit" meant Baptism.

This is the main reason protestants are afraid of the historical record. It plainly proves them wrong.

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