Friday, March 4, 2011

The Catholic Defender: A Mother's Message

God is so good in giving us his divine plan of salvation.

He gave us his only begotten Son. Jesus was given to the world that the world might receive him. It is up to us if we choose to follow and serve him.

Jesus gave us his Mother from the cross.

Let us defend Our Lady's honor as she is our Queen.

Together with the Apostle John, may we invite Mary into our house.

Where Mother Mary is invited, Jesus will be present most assuredly.

If Mother Mary were to have something to say to us today, would it be something like this:

Today I come at the request of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Child, and those gathered here, we are brought together here in love. The world is in chaos as it was prophesied. Nation is rising against nation. There is revolution in many countries and nature rebelled against what has been the norm. There are signs and portents everywhere. Little by little God is awakening His children from their slumber and apathy. Many who up to a few months ago thought that everything was just fine, a few setbacks would be overcome and their lives would go on as before, now they recognize that everything is not alright; that they must change the way they have been living and thinking before it is too late.

Child, and those gathered here, you have been praying and living by example what God has asked of you. Your prayers and example are bearing fruit. Continue, and even intensify, your prayers and be prepared to help all those who come to you seeking guidance and help.

Do not help only those that believe as you do, but love unconditionally all your brothers and sisters. Great changes are now occurring. Your example, your peace, joy and trust in God will have greater effect than you can possibly imagine.

Bless the Father and give Him thanks day and night for His Goodness and Mercy. Your Heavenly Father loves each child of His infinitely and He is flooding the world with graces and blessings to help all understand that He is their Father and He desires their return to Him, and His children to live what Jesus taught while He was upon the earth.

What Jesus said He meant. Peace and fulfillment comes only from loving the Lord, your God, with all your heart, mind, strength and your neighbor as yourself. Nothing less will bring about union with God and true peace and fulfillment for all the peoples of the earth. What God is asking and expecting is possible or He would not ask it. Trust Him and walk the path that Jesus has shown you and teaching you even to this day.

I bless you.

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