Wednesday, March 9, 2011

God's Girl: What was That about? Ash Wednesday

What was That about? Ash Wednesday

I’ll let you have a little peek into a conversation with a very special friend I’ve just met. She is awesome. We were gushing over what it means to us to be in the Church that Jesus founded, … she’s new in the door, her name is Terry, & she’s up next:

“I know, isn’t it wonderful, really and you don’t have to choose your words so carefully all the time. I still have some wonderful Protestant friends an I try to be cautious and yet I want them to know how much they are missing. I don’t want anyone to miss it as long as I did. Sigh”

“I’m going to show them your Home Coming blog!
I can’t get over how much FUN it is that we are having, being flooded with all this grace… want to SHOUT to the whole world: COME! EAT, DRINK, fall in Love with the King & become His bride! it’s awesome…
And as to not having to choose your words… it’s a wonderful freedom, sharing the same Holy Ground… no egg shells!”

So, I’ll post Terry’s Home Coming next… watch this spot!

Here is a cool clip from youtube looking at some of the ins & outs of Ash Wednesday & Lent.

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