Sunday, August 5, 2012

Deepertruth rolls to 17th consecutive debate victory

Last night's debate opponent had a cheerful disposition and a genuine sincerity about him.

However, when Chad Cassano asked for a part 2 debate on the subject of Sola Fide (a request we agreed to), it was clear that he was conceding part 1.

In the end, Chad did the best he could but was simply playing a losing hand. The heretical Protestant doctrine of Salvation by Faith Alone is not only non-biblical, it actually runs 100% counter to what Scripture teaches.

Chad was simply overwhelmed by the avalanche of Biblical proof against this man-made precept.

Deeper Truth wants to thank all who listened. We will be back next Saturday for round 2.

A comment received: 

Dear DTB:

Last night, I tuned into DTB's first debate, of this new series (John and Chad).  Congratulations to both sides for such a cordial and civil effort.  Way to go!  It must feel good to leave the recent rancorous and divisive arguments behind.  If there is something I learned in my life, it is this:  If it becomes obvious that all that people are trying to accomplish with their pestering,  is to provoke and harrass you  -   it is time  to ignore and move on.  I for one am happy to see you accomplish just that. 

I am so looking forward to the next Saturday's debate.

Kind Regards,

Thank you Barbara. Having an opponent and a moderator who were grown-ups helped with that.

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