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The Catholic Defender: Deepertruth Lining Up Speakers

This coming October 13, Deepertruth is sponsoring a Marian Conference along with "The Marian Association of Springfield/Cape Girardeau" in Springfield Missouri.

What an opportunity for the Catholic Church to make a statement in the face of the political will in the city to accept Gay marriage and the Gay Agenda.

Dr. Gregory Thompson has spoken before the City Council gaining much support from the community causing frustration for the Gay organizers.

What is taking place in Springfield Missouri is important because the ultra left are seeking a foothold in middle America.

The Catholic Church and others of good will need to come together to stand for traditional marriage.

October 13 is important to me because it reminds me of Our Lady of Fatima's message from heaven, to pray the Rosary for the conversion of sinners.

This certainly clashes with the modern day American society that is under attack. As we move closer to the October 13th Event, Deepertruth will continue to promote and give information to the Marian Conference.

Dr. Gregory Thomson, last years Deepertruth "Man of the Year", has been working hard in putting this conference together. He has been speaking at different Parishes organizing this event. He is receiving a positive response from the leadership of the Catholic Church in Springfield. Many of our Deepertruth followers know Dr. Gregory Thompson as he is a key feature on our Radio shows, he promotes the Divine Mercy everywhere, and he is always on the frontline at an abortion clinic praying and standing for children. Dr. Thompson is one of today's finest speakers in the Country speaking for the Culture of Life. He is all about representing the Church to promote the King of Kings and His Catholic Church.

Paul Regan Eucharistic Apostle of the Divine Mercy. He is the founder of the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the Sick and Dying, a world-wide Eucharistic devotion given papal approval and a personally signed apostolic blessing by Pope John Paul II. Paul is a frequent guest speaker on Catholic Relevant Radio and he is an EWTN participant in the Cenacle of the Divine Mercy. He is an esteemed conference speaker and he has spoken on the Divine Mercy message throughout the world.

Richard L. Lane Catholic Evangelist
Born in Detroit, Michigan to Mary O. Alexander, retired Educator for the Highland Park School system and the Late Dick “Night Train” Lane; National Football League Hall of Fame Cornerback, Mr. Lane, Jr. attended Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia and also served honorably for nearly six years in the United States Army Military Police Corps in numerous domestic and international locations.
As a convert to the Faith in April 19, 2003, it was in early 2005 when Mr. Lane was lead to begin proclaiming the Gospel as a Street Corner Evangelist, sharing the Word of God, passing out Bibles, Crosses and other Religious items. Since that time Mr. Lane has been featured on “Catholic Answers Live”, Ave Maria Radio, Relevant Radio, Our Sunday Visitor, the National Catholic Reporter, Sports Review Magazine, as well as Eternal Word Television Network’s (EWTN) the “Journey Home” with Marcus Grodi and is the Co-Founder of Catholic Men for Christ Men’s Conference in St. Louis, Missouri which continues to draw thousands of men each year to hear the Powerful Message of the Gospel.
Mr. Lane is one of the only African-American Catholic’s in the United States on Catholic Radio, and is the Producer and Co-Host of Covenant Radio Network’s “Evangelizing St. Louis” weekly radio show since 2006.
Being one of the most sought after Catholic Speakers in the United States Mr. Lane continues to evolve bringing the Fire of the Holy Spirit with him in all of his talks and Engagements.
In FULL TIME ministry, Mr. Lane is truly on the rise as one of the most dynamic Catholic Speakers around, conducting Parish Missions and Revivals across the Nation “Preaching, Teaching and Sharing the Word of God” in the TRUEST spirit of ecumenism, focusing on the importance of Evangelization and ministering to thousands who are lost and in search of something greater than themselves; Jesus Christ!
“Traditio Evangelii”
~ The proclamation and handing on of the Gospel ~
Mr. Lane’s dynamic and charismatic style of ministry is based upon three principles; Faith – Hope – Love; integrating these with the Sacraments instituted by Christ. Evangelist Lane focuses on Reconciliation in effort to bring about healing to so many
who are lost and fallen away from His Church.

Donald Hartley Catholic Defender
After playing some semi-pro baseball, Donald went to college and was continually challenged for his Catholic beliefs, and started to study and pray to have answers to those attacking his beliefs. Joining the Army and serving as a medic for more than 26 years, he led many combat missions during his tours overseas in the Middle East, not only giving medical attention while in the field, but also bringing the Eucharist and helping others spiritually. He led Bible studies, led RCIA for the Archdiocese of the Military in Baghdad and on several Joint Security Stations (JSS) at the tip of the spear in Iraq. He continued his gift to bring others into the Catholic Faith. In the absence of a Catholic Priest, he was authorized to do "Liturgy of the Word services" for the Catholic Community at these outposts for his Units. Donald has brought in more that 1,000 people into the Catholic faith, and has spoken to many groups about how to defend their faith. Donald helps lead a worldwide internet Radio show, that airs several days a week, starting the Rosary Patrol with a Scriptural Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet on Monday evenings. Interviewing guests on Friday’s and with John Benko, taking on all those that would attack the Catholic Church, bearing witness to the fullness of truth with love and authority from Church teachings, while defending the Bride of Christ, the pillar and foundation of truth, the Catholic Church. Donald has had many articles on everyday issues to help Catholics be able to answer the whys and truth of our faith, and how to help bring loved ones and fallen away Catholics back to the Lord through the Catholic Church. He has been a key note speaker on a number of occasions, conducting presentations going back to the early 1980's.

John Benko will not be attending the Conference, but his behind the scenes work helps us make the presentation successful. We want to encourage each and every one in the Central Missouri area to spend the day, October 13, and join us for this most important Marian Conference. If you cannot make the Conference personally, please pray for the success of this weekend Conference.

We are also working on having Russell Ford participate with us at this Marian Conference.

Russell was fasely accused of a crime he didn't committ and he served 25 years in prison until just recently when he won back his freedom.

The conviction was overturned after 25 years. He is planning to join us next Friday, here on the deepertruth radio probram.

Please tune in to one of the most important conversion stories to the Catholic Faith in our times.

The Lord is receiving an abundance through Russell ford's dedication and inspiration.

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