Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan pick shows Romney going for the kill

Let's look at the top 4 names discussed as Romney's potential running mate, ranked in terms of the state Romney was most likely to win.

Marco Rubio would be first. Larry Sabato has pretty much already called Florida for Romney.

Bob McDonnell would be second. Virginia is shown as a dead heat

Rob Portman of Ohio would be third. Romney is shown by most polls as running slightly behind in the Battleground Buckeye state.

Of the four, Paul Ryan's state of Wisconsin is the only one of the four not won by a Republican since Reagan.
So, what does this pick show? It shows that Romney knows that he is actually doing better than the talking heads are projecting.

Just yesterday, the Romney folks projected an 11 point bounce from the VP pick and the convention. That would give Romney a 15 point lead in the Rasmussen tracking poll. I don't think it is bluster. I think the Romney camp really believes this and has good reason for believing it.

There are many people Romney could have picked that are Catholic or fiscal conservatives but that is not what this pick was about. There are three reasons that Romney chose Paul Ryan;

  1. Wisconsin
  2. Wisconsin
  3. Wisconsin
Are there any questions? Look for a big bounce. This race is over by Labor day.

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