Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Catholic Defender presents Russell Ford

Russell Ford appeared on deepertruth this past Friday, and he is coming back this next coming Friday (24 August 2012) for a part II show.

I want to invite you all to listen to the testimony of his conversion to the Catholic Faith.

This is a most inspirational story as He tells of being in prison beginning in 1987, serving a prison sentance for a crime he did not commit.

He tells of his conversion to the Catholic Faith through the witness of a fellow prisoner using the old Baltimore Catachism.

Being in the Alabama penitentiary Russell Ford speaks of some of the trials he endured and the pain he suffered and to the ultimate victory of finding the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church.

His testimony of discovering the Eucharist is most inspirational.

During the 25 years he served in the prison system, he has helped many come to the Catholic Faith.

He is the spiritual Father of nearly 100 prisoners who would follow him into the Catholic Faith.

Now, he is reaching many through organizing and teaching the ministry of evangelizing.

He is currently developing and providing catechetical materials to inmates of other prisons across the country.

Russell Ford has authored the book, "The Missionary’s Catechism", which I fully expect to get an autographed copy when we meet for the October 13 Marian conference in Springfield Missouri.

You can get the book through

I encourage you to back track and listen to last weeks show, it is like a regular conversation, you will have the chance to hear much of his testimony.

Please listen in on this coming friday as this promises to be an excellent show and if you would have any questions you would like to ask.

In discovering the Russell Ford story, I am reminded of another inspiration story of another Prisoner, Harold Morris. As you watch this video, know that many of the circumstances are simular. Please join us this Friday!

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