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The Catholic Defender: Jesus still Workers of Miracles

Thank God for the presence of strong Catholics on Facebook!

Recently I have stumbled on a couple of extra ordinary stories I was able to see on Facebook that I probably would not have known any other way.

At least I had not seen anywhere else.  There might have been a local report but not much more than that.

This is a positive aspect of Facebook and the internet and a stumbling block to the drive by media.

Last October I was a main speaker along with Richard Lane and others participating at a Marian retreat at Springfield Missouri.  I flew from Killeen Texas to Dallas Texas that was simply intended to be a quick jump to Springfield.

When I reported at my next gate, the person behind the desk informed me that my plane had not arrived to be boarded yet.  I responded simply "oh", then they went on to tell me that our plane had not left the airport in Iowa yet, I responded "oh, I'm suppose to be in Springfield for a speaking engagement",  it was clear that I would be held over for several hours at the Dallas airport.

That's when I called Dr. Gregory Thompson, Deepertruths Man of the Century, who had been one of the main organizers of the event.  I called Gregory informing him about the situation and Greg's response was in the form of a prayer, he began "Oh God" when the person behind the desk yelled out in surprise, "Wait a minute, you have a plane that just showed up"!

With the good news I was able to tell Gregory that the issue seems to be resolved.   I quickly went running through the airport along with all the other passengers.  After boarding the plane, the Flight Attendant and the Pilot came out stating, "We do not know where this plane came from, but here it is.  Please enjoy your flight..."

I was silently saying, "Thank you Lord, thank you Greg..." and I was able to arrive at Springfield close to the expected time.  To me, this was a miracle.  God opens doors as well as closes doors and what a grace to have received another great blessing.

People occasionally ask me why we do not see the miracles we find in the bible.  I can't help but respond with the importance of faith and people acting through faith.  One such story I recently reposted from a story I read on Facebook.  consider the following story...

"a little girl (Yasmin Gomes) was born prematurely at 2.6 pounds this month and stopped breathing soon after and they declared her dead and issued a death certificate

The Mother, Jenifer Gomes da Silva said, "My world crashed down right then. It was the most desperate moment when all my dreams were snatched away.” (Brazilian media)

Yasmin was pronounced dead by doctors after unsuccessful attempts to bring the child back.  A nurse Ana Claudia Oliveira, asked hospital officials to send the baby’s body to a local Catholic church instead of the hospital morgue.  Ms. Oliveira told International Business Times “I can assure you, the child was dead. Her pupils didn’t respond to light. All her signs pointed to the complete absence of life.” “I saw it with my own eyes. She was blue all over, completely dead.”

The Child Yasmin was dressed in a burial gown when Church authorities placed the baby’s body on  altar. Three hours later, the baby came alive.  (Editors note-That is the most amazing thing.  A miracle takes place on the Altar every Mass, this is unique because this is a visible transformation from death into life.)

 Yasmin's Grandmother, Elza Silva, was on her way to the chapel to transfer the baby back to the hospital to the morgue when she saw the miracle take place.  She states, "At first I couldn't believe it, we couldn't accept that it could happen.  Then we saw that she was breathing.  We hugged each other and started to shout, 'she's alive, she's alive."

This next story seems to have occurred very recently: It was reported by "The Blaze", August 7 2013, just the other day, by Bill Hallowell.  This story has been making rounds throughout Facebook.  That is how I found it.  From the story:

"KHQA-TV is reporting a story that seems virtually unbelievable. After Aaron Smith, 26, struck Katie Lentz, 19, in a head-on car crash on Sunday morning, authorities claim they began a long rescue process. After 60 minutes of trying to get Lentz out of the vehicle (she was pinned between the steering wheel and the seat), rescue crews, at Lentz’s request, prayed out loud for the trapped woman.

And that’s when a mystery priest allegedly appeared. According to accounts, he came out of nowhere and brought intense calm upon the situation.
“He came up and approached the patient, and offered a prayer,” New London Fire Chief Raymond Reed told KHQA-TV. “It was a Catholic priest who had anointing oil with him. A sense of calmness came over her, and it did us as well.”

Considering how many people were at the scene and interacting with the mystery faith leader, the story is a fascinating one.
“I can’t be for certain how it was said, but myself and another firefighter, we very plainly heard that we should remain calm, that our tools would now work and that we would get her out of that vehicle,” the firefighter added.
Now here’s where things get weird. After another fire department showed up, the rescue proceeded easily and the tools worked, as promised. But when nearly a dozen firefighters turned around to thank the priest, he was gone; the road was empty. Considering that the road was blocked off for a quarter of a mile during the rescue and that no cars were around, the scenario, on the surface, seems a bit bizarre.

Lentz’s friends and family want to thank the priest, but, so far, he’s nowhere to be found.
“Where did this guy come from?” Travis Wiseman said, speaking rhetorically about the faith leader .
“We’re looking for the priest and so far, no one has seen him. Whether it was a priest as an angel or an actual angel, he was an angel to all those and to Katie.”
Smith has been charged with a DWI, second degree assault and failure to drive on the right side of the road. And the search for the priest forges on."

The more I think about this, I know that many of you out there have seen far more examples in how God is working today.  I have reported on several myself.  We can all give glory to God for answered prayers, for signs and wonders.  Even on the worst case situation when a person dies or terrible things happen, God is able to bring about a positive from a negative.  This is faith and trust working at it's best.

St Luke quotes the prophet Joel, "It will come to pass in the last days, God says, 'that I will pour out a portion of my spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams. Indeed, upon my handmaids I will pour out a portion of my spirit in those days, and they shall prophesy. And I will work wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below; blood, fire, and cloud of smoke. The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and splendid day of the Lord, and it shall be that everyone shall be saved who calls on the name of the Lord" (Acts 2:17-21).

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