Monday, August 26, 2013

The Catholic Defender Riding At Fort Campbell

This past week I had the opportunity to visit family at Fort Campbell Ky that had several highlights.

Obviously, taking a group out on the trail on horseback was a lot of fun.

Fort Campbell is a very special place to go horseback riding, there are lots of sites to see along the trail.

There were deer that had no fear for humans in this area.  They just kind of lay there as we pass by.  It is as if they are thinking, "humans" and shrug their shoulders.

Riding horseback really has a therapeutic feel to it, it is a lot of fun if you have this kind of interest.  These horses are very well trained and they do this every day.

Clare is my three year old birthday girl here cheering on the local high school team right after scoring a touchdown.

We would win this game 42 to 0 in a complete rout.  As a spectator in the stands with my Granddaughter, that was good.

We are breaking her in right watching football.  This was a lot of fun.  Now, she had her birthday party at Chucky-Cheeze, that was good to.

Visiting the Grandchildren was very important to me and I think we created a lot of memories that were positive.

We certainly made the most of each day.  We did watch some TV at night, they loved the movie, "Secretariat" that I brought with me.  I also brought a good movie called "Home Run" about a baseball player who overcomes a lot of serious addictions.  I fully recommend these two movies.

It is always great when we get together for music and remember the "good ole days".

These two began playing together in 1998 when they were 16 and 11 years old.  They continue to play to this day.

They both are in other bands but it is really good to see them continue to have fun putting music together.  What I really like is when they do this for me!

The past few days beginning early August when I went to Colorado to see my Wife Gigi, this has been a very blessed vacation.  I was graced to speak at a Church dedicated in 1913 still in use today.  I loved going on horseback in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and at Fort Campbell and I loved visiting my family at Fort Campbell.

I think that it is very important that we build up the family unit because the attack is growing stronger.  Watching the news just point to this all the time.  Teenagers bored go out to kill someone who happens to be a baseball player from Australia.  Please pray for our Country.

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