Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Jerk

     Last night, I encountered this incredible jerk. A situation had occurred involving a little fender bender..... no....not even a fender bender....a fender scratcher and the poor lady was clearly upset. Really, it was one of those accidents that was just that. A car backing out of a driveway, another car in the blind spot. It happens. As accidents go, this one was really pretty minor. I am quite sure this car can be fixed to brand new condition at no more than $500 or $600 tops and without insurance.

     Anyway, back to the jerk. Here is this IDIOT yelling and losing his mind in his neighborhood driveway because his wife wasn't taking his advice on what to do in that particular situation. What a loser, what an absolute Neanderthal this guy is, yelling at her when she is clearly exhausted and paralyzed with confusion and doesn't know what to do.

     I don't know what causes people to act like that but they don't have any excuse. This guy needs to man up, admit he acted like a total idiot and accept the consequences.

     That's hard though, isn't it? That is really the rub and the struggle and the cross. Warring against that pride that tells us that we are right, we act like we do because......

     No, there is no because. A scratch on a fender of a car you have had for a week is not a crisis, it is not a tragedy and that is the first thing you should have told your wife, you self-centered, maniac. You should have been comforting her and calming her down rather than flipping out because she didn't listen.

     There is no because. You own it. You acted like a jerk without justification, without excuse and of your own free will. Deal with it.

     Remember all the times you let her down. Remember all the times she caught you when you fell, carried you in your grief, stood behind you when you could not find the strength to go on. Remember that this is your soul mate, your life partner, your rock. This is the woman who taught you what love really looks like and here you are, you slovenly bastard, railing at her like some kind of demoniac. You should have your butt kicked and I am just about in the mind to do it

     There is no place in the world for people like this guy. They deserve to be horsewhipped. The sad thing is that she will probably forgive him, though I certainly cannot see why. He doesn't deserve it. People like this infuriate me and thinking about this jerk this morning made me physically sick to my stomach.

     It was all the worse because I had to look at the SOB in the mirror.

     What great confidence we can have in God's Grace that can cleanse us from this kind of a day. What a wonderful woman I have and how much I don't deserve her. I am remembering all the times she showed me compassion when I felt wounded. How horrible I feel now, having squandered a chance to do the same. I wish I could find a rock to crawl under.

     I just want each of you to know what a wonderful person she is. Even in this mishap, she was pushing herself beyond exhaustion to do something good for someone else. Everyone should be blessed enough to know someone like her and to have them in their life. "Sorry" just doesn't seem enough right now, so I will just say I love you. More than life, more than words can say, I love you.

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