Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Catholic Defender: Are you Ready for Bigger Government?

"This is not a CNN political debate"!   "I'm a Parent, I have a right to speak here"!

This is a response from a parent who was trying to ask a question to the local PTA.

Well, are you ready for bigger Government intrusion in your lives?

I was just watching "Hannity" when he reports this scene at a local PTA meeting.

The Obama Administration is pushing an ultra left agenda.  They are distorting American history, twisting morals, pushing the Gay Agenda.  

I've written on this in the past when I have had issues with ultra left-wing teachers who are indoctrinating young people against their faith.  That didn't work with me.  You can check the articles, "Staying Faithful" and "Hells Bells" on this website.

It is time that we use every available lawful means to stand up against this attack on religious liberty, on families, on Americans.  We need to show ourselves at the PTA, at town hall meetings, write our representatives, vote for good Constitutional candidates.

This really infuriates me how Americans are losing their right to speak out.  This should never happen in America, the land of the free and the brave.

The following video speaks for itself, please remember to pray for this Country.  (I'd hate to think what might of happened outside off camera?) That security guard, did you see how he taunted this man, got into his face? I'm glad I was not there because I might of got involved.  This really infuriates me even watching it more!

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