Monday, September 2, 2013

The Catholic Defender: New Hope For Cambodian Children

In the near future, Deepertruth will interview the founders of New Hope For Cambodian Children who will be calling in from Cambodia.

Information from their pamphlet is as follows.

NHCC is serving children with HIV/Aids in Cambodia.

The Mission of NHCC is to help children with HIV to live as normal life as possible.  We provide food support, medical transportation, school support and hospital support.

NHCC has a village for orphans and abandoned children who have HIV/AIDS.  We have an income generated project for widows with HIV. 

NHCC also has a transitional house (Happy Home) where sick children can stay until they are healthy enough to rejoin their parents.

NHCC is working in partnership with the Government in helping children with HIV/AIDS in Phnom Penh and 8 different provinces.  In many cases these children have lost their parents to AIDS and are now living with very poor extended families.

NHCC provides these children with food, transportation to and from the hospital
so they can get access to treatment, school uniforms and school supplies. 

We also provide a bike for a child to go to school if they live too far away to walk.

Editors note (John and Kathy Tucker who are advisers for NHCC told me that they were thankful for Presidents Clinton and Bush for their work to help children with HIV/AIDS.  Their help was immeasurable).

                                                             HOME BASE CARE                                                     

Most of our children are on home base care.  These children are living with extended family members.  NHCC field workers visit them in their homes.  They make sure the child is receiving proper food, medications are checked weekly.

NHCC field workers monitor all of the children to insure that they are going to school.


Children who are orphans or abandoned live in our village.  The village is 45 minutes from Phnom Penh.  The children go to local school in the morning and they have classes in the village in the afternoon.  Our Village has classes in dance, traditional music, maths, physics, computers, Cambodian and English.

There are 24 houses with 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms to house 8 children and a loving care couple. 

There is a basketball court in the center of the village for the children to play.

There are several projects that the village is doing for the children.  Dance is a major pastime. 

There is a garden project where they grow their own vegetables and NHCC buys the vegetables from the children.  They are able to have a little spending money that they earned.

NHCC is now breeding our own pigs as part of our income generation project.

We now have a soccer field for the children

8 thousand chickens in the village.  Part of our income generation project.

There is a nursery and preschool for the younger children.

There is a project making quilts by widows that have HIV and also have a child with HIV.  These widows are able to support themselves now.

Be a friend to a NHCC Child, help to support a child living in our village Partial Support - $40 / month, Full support $160 / month.  Bag of rice $ 25, Santa Clause $ 25 per child (210 Kids).

Your Donation is IRS Tax deductible under 501 (C) 3, please make donations via Pay Pal.

On our web site: or mail to the USA, NHCC P.O. 69097 Killeen, Texas 76549

John and Kathy Tucker Advisers email:

I had the chance to speak with John and Kathy recently and they will appear on Deepertruth Radio in the next couple of weeks.

They have a really powerful story to tell of how the Lord has been working in their lives. 

They have sacrificed a good paying job and comforts of home to become Catholic Missionaries in one of the poorest countries in the world.

At a minimum, I would envite you to place them in your prayer dedications.  Missionaries are the hands who do the work of Christ (Matthew 25:31-46).

With our support, God's love is shown by the generosity of his people.  The following is a video of the work they are doing.

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